Post MAC-MAY Play Date: A Top Prank Conspiracy Not Botched  August 28, 2017

By Rollie Quaid

Telegraph Sports wrote on August 27, 2017:

Mayweather, who sealed his 50th straight victory, stopped the Irish UFC champion in the tenth round. After the fight, the 40-year-old said McGregor had been a “tough competitor” and they had given the fans what they wanted to see. “That was my last fight. Tonight I chose the right dance partner. Conor you were a great dance partner tonight.””

A virtual mob of internet users, made of loud-mouth Krav Maga “fighters” and Israeli-Firsters, crawled out of their rock in a Cock Roach-like fashion at scent of blood of an Irishman, wanting to feast on a fresh corpse. Comedian and Israeli-firster Michael Rapaport will give another of his expert Marxist analyses on Fox Sports, backed by “us Americans stick together” Shannon Sharpe. Sure, we do. Michael Rapaport, since you were emotionally invested into the MAY-MAC “Cross-Over ” fight, why not have a MMA-Krav Maga crossover fight that you can invest in? That’ll be a perfect opportunity to showcase the awesome ability of the IDF to takedown, then ground-and-pound defenseless starving Palestine schoolgirls as they do in Irsael.

Neo Lahat and Rory Singer are the only Jewish males to make it to the UFC, and they gave no credit to Krav Maga because deep down inside they know it is as wimpy as Kids karate at the Y. However, that does not stop a whole cabal of keyboard warriors on youtube/blogs from their worthless Hasbara, explaining that MMA fighters are not “really” Martial Artist but “amateur wrestlers that learned a few boxing combos on a heavy bag and think they are Martial Artists.” There is a a lot wrong with that statement, but if you think that Wrestlers can’t fight by some Jehovah-inspired law, test your eye-pointing ability on WWE superstar Kurt Angle. Angle can rip the “Mighty Maccabee” arm out of socket and beat him with it. He’ll have your Krav Maga Sensei looking like a victim from “When Animals Attack” before you grab sand to throw in his eyes (watch Fight Quest, Krav Maga, ‘the Sand in eyes trick’ is all they really do.) I personally have a stack of business cards of Krav Maga trainers who want me to go to CA to learn Krav Maga for a week as part of a one-week boot camp that makes you a black belt in less than 7 days. If I’m just a Tattooed “Homo” Nazi (as Top Rank’s Bob Arum implies), why recruit me? Whatever I am, I have never put the Gimp suit on. Can Mayweather say that?

I have photos of Mayweather and Gervonta Davis (a TMT boxer on the main card of MAC-MAY) wearing the David of Star on a fitted baseball cap. In Bizarro world, learning a Martial Art forces you to pledge to the State of Israel (as Congress did) or become trademarked by Solomon’s Seal, aka the Star of David.

Notice the stars on the hat of this boxing star.

Speaking of Stars, Hollywood celebs piled into the Arena for MAC-MAY Play Date. The first one that got the limelight for attending the fight was Bruce Willis, the actor who played “Butch” in Pulp Fiction. I compared Butch, the fictional character, to the real live fighter of UFC’s Conor McGregor in my article “MAC-and-MAY Playdate!” Published on Renegade Tribune August 23, 2017. My thesis was that Bob Arum gave the orders for Conor to take a dive. I was torn between believing Conor would follow Bob’s orders and lose on his feet, or go rogue and completely take the guy out, just like Butch in Pulp Fiction. This would lead him to live a life on the run from fear of retaliation from Arum’s rainbow coalition of professional hit-men or a single assassin, let’s say a Vincent Vega “the Man from Amsterdam” with an Israeli-issued UZI with a silencer.

Upon seeing him live from Las Vegas, I yelled “Yippee ki-yay, mother FOOKers.” I ignored my predictions in “MAC-and-MAY Playdate” and told the guy at the lobby of Marcus theatres who was beside me in Oakdale, Minnesota, “MAC looks just like my like cousin Billy, he fights at the same weight class as MAC. We train together and sometimes we are on the same fighting card. He is going to tell Bob to FOOK off, this is for the Ireland four times removed.” The gentleman said “you most not know Bob Arum,” to which I replied, “Well pray-tell, you got an inside scoop?” He shook his head and laughed. Marcellus Wallace isn’t just a fictional character, I thought, or an analogy to justify my BOXING Fantasy League. Bob Arum is real and he has men with Israeli issued UZIs, with silencers. You don’t have to read Victor Ostrovsky to know that’s not good.

I screamed FOOK! I had a lemming moment. There is no Yippee ki-yay. There is no Butch. Butch is one letter removed from Bitch. There is only Marcellus Wallace and his Gimps, MAC and MAY at their Play Date, a Top Prank Production.

Early in the card, Gervonta Davis, teammate of Mayweather, dressed in blue fur in his hoodie and his trunks, looked like a Bass-player doing a gig at Comet Ping Pong Pizza for John Podesta. Davis also had a Bohemian Grove Owl on his fighting trunks. I wonder who was his sponsor – maybe Kissinger associates, or it’s a sign of lifelong Arum ownership.

This was Conor’s first pro fight. He wasn’t going to be a win; the winners are who Arum deems fit to win. The scenario of Conor losing came back to me. I remembered the Hasidic Jew at the gas station who I asked, who will win MAY or MAC? And his response was that the title isn’t going to Irelend. I remembered Inside MMA with Bas Rutten and Mauro Ranallo, and their 2010 segment “about Nazi Homos in MMA.”

I called Billy and asked him about the interior policials of the industry, about Reebok, about Arum and Ari Emanuel, who is the new owner of UFC. Ari is brothers with Rahm, Mayor of Chicago,and former chief of staff to President Obama. Ari is also Trump’s Hollywood talent agent. The Emanuel family was the first to put IEDs in Arab markets, Irgun and Stern gang days. Thanks Emanuel family, there was no negative blowback because of this behavior. Irgun/Stern gangsters are now Dana White’s Boss, as Feritta got the elbow.

Dana has a history of being muscled by the mob that makes the King of Rock Elvis look like he was always in good graces. Dana Whites mother, June White, authored book called “Dana White, King of MMA” in which Mama White wrote “HE FUCKS ALL THE RING GIRLS.” Everytime you see a ring girl on televison, Dana White had sex with her. He is running a Mayweather-style strip club around the octagon. The price of admission to work for Dana White is every orifice of the female body. He is morally comprised, and he will do anything to get this much tail. Joe Rogan’s co-commentator Mike Goldberg had to take a permanent shabatical from UFC and spend time at a Kibbutz to detoxic. He abused shiksas and drugs. Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo do more than just Marijuana, HGH, Alcohol and DMT. The Gracie family, the creators of Brazilian Jutsu Jitsu, disowned Rogan and Bravo because of their drug use and because BJJ is a family sport. Royce is the most vocal about the reasons Gracies and the UFC boys don’t jive.

All of these subjects ran through my head. Conor McGregor can be manipulated by a clique that are masters of levers and perception. His vulturablities can be exploited; he has a Conor Jr to worry about and his beautiful wife, which is reason enough. This was ringing in my head: “McGregor said, ‘The only reason why this thing is fair is because we’re playing by boxing rules. If it’s a fight, I would fucking kill him.’” I thought on it long and hard, and I remembered how Arum doubled, Tripled down on his UFC are Homo Nazis comments. I always wished Arum would get the Donald Sterling (former of owner of Clippers) treatment for his racist comments against the beautiful people. I watched archives of Arum; he talked ad nauseam about MAY-MAC as a fight he isn’t interested in watching and a cryptic statement he made on a recent youtube video, “that Conor isnt the man you think he is.” The reporter asked him if he knew Conor, and Arum said with a lopsided smile, “I know him.” That’s the signal I needed. Arum was probably sitting back like Inspector Gadget’s Mr. Claw with 100 monitors on his wall, watching MAY-MAC on every angle, with a Cuban cigar in his mouth and a his top general in the room, waiting for his next order kill or not to kill.

Another event came to mind when writing my original paper – the leaked video of Paulie Maglini in his goofy yellow head gear sparring with Conor McGregor, and Conor fought exactly like how he fought August 26, 2017. There were rabbit punches and dirty boxing, as if he was training for a WWE performance, which Mayweather actually did with Big Show for a performance at Wrestlemania 2008, which looked as realistic as the MAC-and-MAY play date. MAY told the press in 2015 that MAC only became famous because of White Privilege (he included Rhonda Rousey too). In 2015 I had never heard of White Privilege, SJWs or that women and men are actually the same in biology. I wondered why MAY had such double standards with words and speech. He could get away with saying that UFC is for white people that never learned to punch, but I was not offended in the least bit because I knew this was not true. This double standard is a tool to silence speech, so an SJW can be the Alpha-Male, while complaining that their feelings are hurt. It’s the new way to shut up another fighter without actually making the other person shut up, which is the law of the jungle. The lions don’t apologize to the sheep. I never got around the fact that anyone could be offended by being called “Boy” or “Monkey”, especially since our profession is fighting and we must hype it up. SJW talking points express weakness. We aren’t executives at Texasco talking about Jelly Beans. Youtuber Alpaca Thesaurus proved that Monkey-gate was a hack job, a video edited to make MAC, who says he is “black” from the waist down, look “racist.” It’s the same tactics they used to make George Zimmerman to look like a racist white cop, when he was a hispanic jewboy neighborhood watchman. In reality, we don’t know what MAC actually said, being pulled many directions and having many open conversations, but it was the best Kosher Media could come up with. Conor and Mayweather are racist and only love one color, Green. Mayweather goes as far as to call him self “Money”, and usually wears Green; the Irishman does too. They must have agreed to share the green.

Mayweather walks to the ring to face McGregor
The Gimp from Pulp Fiction

Mayweather decided to wear his Gimp suit in public. God I don’t want to know what he is wearing for Halloween this year. A Gimp is a sex slave that’s featured in the hit movie Pulp Fiction, where the term was coined. It is a leather man fetish of BDSM. (Not to be confused with BDS, a group boycotting of Israel. I wish the Palestinians did go BDSM on Israel.) A BDSM fetish designer Philipp Plein from a “good Jewish” family designed his suit. Plein’s work dovetails Volker Hesse’s Gotthard Base Tunnel work.

MAY-MAC was rigged, the first two rounds looked like a play fight between a 9th grader (MAC) horsing around with a 5th grader. You could tell he could knock him at any point. MAC repeatedly grabbed MAY, pulled his punches and then it started to look like MAY started to grabbed MAC more. MAY did the unthinkable and turned his back on MAC twice, which I haven’t seen that in an event since the dark ages of UFC. Te hTKO came in the 10th round and MAC was on his feet, happier than a faggot in a dick tree that the fight was over. There were no magic white privilege wands that he could wave to make oil-headed thugs like Arum disappear or zap MAY with spontaneous combustion into a pile of feces and SJW tears. I’d use a Dr. Judy Wood laser proto-cannon full of White Privilege pointed at Tel Aviv. I’ll show you Samson option, Yippee ki-yay! Upon impact with the laser cannon, I’d vaporize their mean spirited behavior and let pro-fighting just be pro-fighting and trash talk just be trash talk. All races should have an equal shot at any sporting event. Even Adolf Hitler gave Jesse Owens a kind simile and wave at his success. Why will not let us compete fairly or have an open dialog?

I know my prediction was not as ground-breaking as Bill Cooper’s 9/11 predictions, but I hope you liked these articles nonetheless. I want to leave you with why MAY’s money won’t stick to him. He’ll be a slave to performing arts, even if that means he’ll have to wrestle a bear. This is for the conpiracy buffs that read my article and wanted a jewish meat ball but got fried matzah.

Al Haymon

Al Haymon doesn’t do interviews, and even New York Times even thinks he is shady. He controls 70% of the young talent and he is Mayweather’s manager. His business ethos is to take the smallest risk for the largest reward. MAY told an interviewer, “its not about being on the chess board, but controlling the chessboard.” This metaphor was given to Floyd and Al Haymon’s fingerprints were all over it, to explain their shift in strategy. MAY should have kept this analogy a secret. Al Haymon is going to want another pay out and MAY will always be his little Gimp, and Al Haymon his Gimp daddy, to micromanage him with Arum’s blessing. Emperor Jones (as Arum calls MAY) can’t go too far from the leash. We all know that really wasn’t a Nacho Libre Mexican Wrestler Outfit dedicated to Mayweather Sr. Al Haymon’s boss is Arum, the boss of all bosses in the world of Boxing world. He is Ivy-league. I emailed Kris Millegan, author of Fleshing Out Skull & Bones, to do a solid and give me a source on the secret society (like Skull and Bones  but jews only) into which Haymon and Cory Booker have been allowed (look up Eliezer Society).

Playbook published a chilling article on Al Haymon called “Who is Al Haymon, and What Has He Done to Boxing?” By Tim Struby:

….[This] man has been referred to as the Phantom, the Wizard of Oz, the new Don King, Keyser Söze, the Rasputin of Boxing and the most powerful man in sports. There are theories about him: that he’s turning boxing into the USFL, that he’s killing boxing just as he killed Motown Records and, my favorite, that he doesn’t actually exist but is a creation of the Illuminati to launder money through certain TV networks… Al Haymon has been known as the sport’s preeminent boxing manager–shuns publicity and attention like a vampire avoids sunlight. No photo shoots. No interviews.”

When has a mainstream publication linked conspiracy theories to a power figure like this, saying that he is totally not part of the so-called “Illuminati”” A rare guard drop from the iron fist of information? Tim Struby continues:

the big time didn’t translate to life in the fast lane… When not living out of a suitcase, Haymon led a low-key life. No lavish dinners. He didn’t drink, smoke or hit the post-concert parties he threw when his acts played in Boston. Blowing off steam meant playing pickup hoops on the Harvard campus. “He was quiet, never rude,” says Little. “He even let me practice for my road test with his BMW.””

Have you noticed that MAY’s hat says 48 not 49, pre-MAC-MAY’s fight? MAY told Conor McGregor that he doesn’t need to learn how to read, he just needs to know math (referring to his ability to make money). This hat shows me that he doesn’t know math, and I’m wondering who does the books at his “crack den” Strip Club as MAC puts it? Is MAY a tool to launder money or even a drug mule? MAC told the press “that strip club is bleeding money from him, and he knows it, and he’s talking about franchising it… the thing looks like a crack den, and that’s no disrespect to the people that are in there. It’s a horrendous decision.” The Club is called “Collection Girl”, but the only collecting I see is Al Haymon and Bob Arum realigning their pockets, this operation is a Gus Fring and Los Pollos Hermanos like production. The press has stated that the employees “are in many different shapes and sizes..” What does that mean? Do they hire migdet dancers, overweight moms with c-section scars, or even pregnant single mothers, or maybe just maybe crack whores? If you hire less desirable women, a kingpin can see that as an to opportunity at making a wide profit margin, to pay the staff less and reap all the reward. Arum and Haymon know about making wide profit margins and reaping all the reward with no risk: they are friends with Larry Silverstein after all.

Let’s go on a fact finding misson. Check my sources, find new sources and help me make my notes more airtight. Send me more notes at 3301×

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