TYT’s Kyle Kulinski Picks on a Fat Kid

TYT’s Kyle Kulinski Picks on a Fat Kid

Kyle Kulinski is one of many liberals breaking their on rules. He is not only “fat shaming” a Republican donor’s child, but going so far as to imply that he is a “living stereotype”. Which stereotype are you trying to imply, Kulinski? That he is a spoiled fat kid? That he is weak and pathetic? Or maybe, just maybe the Republican donor’s child is gay?

Kyle Kulinski’s show is Secular Talk, a part of the TYT network and at TYT they would have you believe that they are morally against stereotypes. Kulinski in the video above morally justifies using your two eyes to make stereotypes.

He is a part of the phenomenon called the “Outrage media.” The Outrage media is the lowest form of news/entertainment; it’s when the YouTuber/news host gives their audience someone to hate on, and in return the audience loves the host for giving them someone to hate.

Tony Montana aka Scarface would never fall victim to TYT’s “Outrage media” because he only sells drugs to fight the WASP system. Regardless, he has a good response for the phenomenon.

Kulinski would have you believe that America’s New Hitler is Wyatt Ingraham Koch! Okay, he really didn’t call him the “New Hitler”, but he thinks Wyatt should be a subject of the same wrath and scorn.

Wyatt looks like a cosplayer of a Miami-Vice character, not a Putsch wearing a brown shirt. But the “white patriarchy “is strong with Wyatt.

Wyatt’s company designs T-Shirts with pink fluffy hand-cuffs with the bright colors that are perfect for the “Discoteka” (Disco Club). He walks around with limp wrists and the same annoying gay-lisp that our brave Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer has, but nah, he’s totally a straight Republican purveyor of button-up leisure shirts festooned with moneybags for the boardroom meetings.

Wyatt loves the Discoteka, so Chum Drum Bedrum..

When Wyatt was a child, his father, Bill Koch of the Koch Brothers Dynasty, gave him a piece of advice. “You can do whatever you want to in life, but just make sure you do it well and you do it with passion.”

In the YouTube comment section for Kulinski’s video, there were some very hateful comments, such as this one:

Revoke all funds from the family via search and seizure and with no remorse. Fuck ALL the elites. They wanna know Tyranny? Fucking give it to them AND their kids. Let them rot and die by tuberculosis in a prison cell. Every last one of them.

Come on guys, it’s a fat guy in a little coat.

Damn! Those shirts look tight, as in Chris Farley tight! I mean literally.. Its gonna rip..

I agree that he is the froth that rises to the top of the cesspool of crony-capitalism, but to go so far as to make him seem like a manifestation of Satan is a stretch for me.

To liberals he is the Goddam face of white-evil and the devil-Francis from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. He is full of “White Privilege.”

To me looks more like Dennis Nedry when he gets hired by Lewis Dodgson to steal InGen’s dinosaur embryos for 1.5 million dollars from Jurassic Park.

Wyatt definitely has more of that Dennis Nedry drinking Daiquiris and stealing dinosaur embryos vibe.

The flamboyant plus-sized fashion is everything that is wrong with this country, WTF ever Kulinski. Wyatt was born with a silver spoon, unlike let’s say President Toddler-Trump, who was born with a diamond encrusted platinum spoon.

Speaking of children, did you catch Wyatt’s artwork? Looks like a 1st grader’s. Do you think next he will be designing gas chambers, Kyle?

Wyatt Koch, according to Maya Kosoff of Vanity fair:

the 31-year-old Koch heir runs an eponymous Palm Beach-based clothing brand called Wyatt Ingraham, which sells button-up shirts in patterns you may find on a Goldman Sachs middle manager at a Southampton Fourth of July party when he wants to “let loose..be bold”

Kulinski, I have say I don’t think the Koch family is building up the 3rd Reich, on the grounds of Wyatt showing crayon drawings to Goldman’s  Crime-family members.

Kyle, Wyatt’s shirts maybe ugly in your opinoin, but at least he’s trying to be artistic and entrepreneurial instead of sitting his fat as ass giving his dumbass Marxist opinion on a youtube channel.

I agree, leave it to a Koch to design Hawaiian t-shirts that combine kitsch, nepotism, greed, and crony capitalism, to wear as a badge of honor. The Koch crime family have a criminal inheritance set up by the La Kosher Nostra.

But Kulinski, you of all people, should love Wyatt, because you are a filthy communist and without the Koch brothers, the Soviet Union would not have had the fuel to supply the massive killing machine of the Bolsheviks. The Koch family built refineries and trained engineers for Stalin in the Soviet Union in the late 20’s. Wyatt’s Granddaddy Fred Koch made a family fortune working for Joseph Stalin. Without Fred Koch, the Soviet Union would never have become a Communist paradise that Kulinski wants to recreate.

Wyatt would pass an authoritarian leftist’s purity test with flying colors. “Dude is a living stereotype” according to Kulinski; he is the stereotype of WASP and Jewish big Republican donor’s kid – fat, weak, soft spoken and he is very, very… gaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!

Donnie from Wolf of Wall Street would enjoy doing “Coke” on a Yacht with Wyatt. Not really holding up Christian moral values.

Is there really any reason to make this a political issue? And the answer is “yes,” in America any and every thing relates back to the pendulum swing. Even though the Democrats and Republicans are gangbangers. Goddamn the gang – the Jew World Order gang.

Wyatt has a shirt called “Behind the Eight Ball” and I think we need to look beyond the Eight-Ball on identity party politics in America.

Maya Kosoff of Vanity Fair reported on December 20, 2017:

  ..nascent billionaire son, and thus a dress-shirt empire was born. Now, mere hours after House Republicans passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—Paul Ryan’s tax “reform” bill, which overwhelmingly benefits corporations and the mega-wealthy—a video advertising Wyatt’s budding business has begun to make its way around the Internet.

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