CEOs of Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube should all be going to prison over complicity with the Russia collusion hoax

(Natural News) It’s simply not enough to utilize anti-trust laws and break apart the giant tech monopolies – Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Yes, these entities have exploited human psychology and now control 90 percent of the flow of information online, but it’s their manipulative censorship practices that should be brought to light, their executives brought to justice. The CEOs of these tech companies should be arrested and indicted because they were all complicit in the Russia collusion hoax and the manipulative censorship of independent media that was implemented in cooperation with this Russia collusion narrative. These social media giants have used the Russian collusion hoax to come up with algorithms that weed out “Russian bots” and all the conservative and dissenting ideas that spread on social media. By shadow banning, demonetizing, and banning opposing viewpoints, these social media giants have used censorship tactics to pollute American democracy and manipulate future elections.

Tech giants use the Russian collusion hoax to censor conservatives and promote liberal agendas on social media

In 2016, with almost every poll showing Clinton winning the election, with the liberal media pundits fawning in anticipation for the coronation of the Clinton as President-elect, Donald J. Trump walked away with the landslide victory. As soon as America’s silent majority had spoken up with their vote, a coordinated effort began to de-legitimize the victory and accuse the Trump campaign and any independent media supporters of conspiring with Russia to alter the outcome of the election.

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The blame game became public when a shadowy site called PropOrNot published a list of alternative media companies that criticized Clinton. The list was then publicized by The Washington Postand it accused those alternative media companies of promoting Russian propaganda to help Trump achieve an illegal “traitorous” victory. After Trump’s victory, it was apparent that more Americans were reading about candidates online rather than accepting corporate media narratives. Independent media had real influence, and because of that, it would be targeted and come under attack.

Since the election, the liberal media spun the Russian collusion hoax for over two years as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube began filtering out content that supported the Trump Presidency. Any information skeptical of Hillary Clinton or the liberal agenda was labeled as Russian propaganda that should be demoted and buried in social media feeds.

This Russian collusion hoax has allowed Google to get away with manipulation of search results. Twitter now shadow bans conservative ideas, and Facebook manipulates user’s news feeds. None of these entities respect free speech. All have become political operatives to silence dissent and stop the influence of independent media. While the corporate media operates in broad daylight, Big Tech is manipulating in complete secrecy, with zero public oversight or transparency. Their algorithms are operated in secrecy and shadow banning can be used to target anyone whose message is deemed “dangerous.” When someone is shadow banned on Twitter, when corporate media is prioritized throughout social media, when someone’s content is buried in Facebook newsfeeds, there is no judicial oversight, no reparations for those who are banned, and no way of holding these companies accountable for removing people from public conversation, debate, and democracy. Big Tech is an enemy of democracy and there is no judicial process holding these companies accountable to the republic.

Not only is Big Tech censoring independent media and the skeptics of the status quo, two essential elements of democracy, but they are also selling data and ads to groups who seek to manipulate public opinion. The data that is collected can also be provided to specific organizations to compile dossiers to target those who do not go along with their agenda.

By diverting traffic away from independent media and limiting their outreach, Big Tech strips their competition of income and takes away their ability to dissent or speak freely. As Mark Zuckerburg pretends to protect American democracy from foreign influence, he allows for widespread censorship of Americans. So called “free speech” is controlled by these for-profit monopolies, not preserved.

Because of all this, it’s time to indict the CEOs and the engineers of these companies, and bring their censorship algorithms, filters, shadow banning practices, and so called “hate speech” policies to light. Only then can we begin to address this atrocious attack on free speech and liberty to reverse the damage that these Big Tech manipulators have imparted on so many great people of this Nation.

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