Rollie’s Conversation With David Holmgren (Late-Gerard Holmgren’s Brother)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 in the USA and Wednesday, October 9, 2019 in Sidney, Australia, Rollie Quaid had a conversation with the co-founder of Permaculture, David Holmgren about his late brother Gerard Holmgren.

Gerard was dubbed the father of the “no planes theory”,which is a hypothesis that no planes made any impact on the towers, pentagon or even crashed in Shanksville during 9/11.

The show is not so much about proving the validity of Gerard’s 9/11 conspiracy theory, but to demystify the early trail blazer of 9/11 truth.

Even if you disagree ( or even feel indifferent) about Gerard’s 9/11 theories, put that aside to hear about the man be hide the now defunct whom contributed exponentially to 9/11 truth.

Video conference:

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One thought on “Rollie’s Conversation With David Holmgren (Late-Gerard Holmgren’s Brother)”

  1. Thank you so much for this fascinating interview, Rollie.

    It was good to learn more about Gerard’s life outside 9/11 and I was sorry to learn he was estranged from David and his mother in his later years. It is truly amazing what he worked out about 9/11 so early on. David mentions other events that historians still discuss, including Pearl Harbour. It is very easy to know what happened at Pearl Harbour. Like 9/11, the 1980 Bologna Station bombing and several other bombings, it was a bombing of an evacuated area. The images show this and they tell us in their most characteristic way. See and Most events that are either recognised false flags or suspected false flags are not either, they are simply staged events which may involve some reality but don’t involve the killing claimed – unless they want to actually kill people for real, any kind of false flag will generally be simply a straight-out psyop.

    As David says, of course, Saudi Arabia was involved as were other governments. 9/11 was an international event but it was under the auspices of the US government and they are the first target. According to the perps though 9/11 was simply a massive Full-Scale Exercise involving a large number of drills, the destruction of buildings and psyopping the global population with an alleged terror attack. As death and injury were staged they don’t think of it as really a crime at all. Thousands of people must be in on it surely.


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