Why I took my site down (By Gerard Holmgren back in 2007)

Submitted by Gerard Holmgren on Wed, 2007-07-04 13:32.

This is my first and final post on this forum.

I have dispensed with the normally meticulous standards of documentation and logic which I use in my articles.

The reason – hardly anybody ever takes any notice. Since ranting is a lot less work than careful, considered and documented argument, but the former seems to be respected more than the latter in the cesspit of 911untruth, then why not ?

Why not just do things the easy way in my very last contribution to this nuthouse, since 99% of you have already made up your mind what to “think”, and no amount of careful documentation or logical argument will make the slightest difference to your idiotillogical convictions?

A warning – the language in this post is distinctly unpleasant , but it still comes nowhere near describing my anger – because there are not words in the language which can express it.

The purpose is simply to clarify the truth about why I took my site down.

Now I hope that just this once – in my final piece of writing on the subject of 911untruth – you allow me the indulgence of asking you to simply believe what I say. After all, I think I’m the one who knows the truth about why I took my site down.

Is that OK with everyone, or do I have to provide verified brainwave readings in order to determine that I’m not lying about why I took my site down ? No-one took any notice of documentation in previous articles, so I assume that it’s OK…

Speaking of lying – it is the lies told about this subject by the two faced, backstabbing treacherous Webhag and her Nazi sidekick Hauptmeister, which have caused me to come (reluctantly) once more into this nuthouse in order to refute those lies.

Cheap insults and name calling ? Why not ? There’s been plenty of that in that in amongst the vicious McCarthyist pack of lies that these two swine have told in the Stalinist style denouncement of Coffinman. So why don’t I join the fun of name calling and cheap insults too ?

During this dispute ,it is Coffinman who has displayed integrity and told the truth. Regardless of whether one agrees with him on all points of judgment and opinion, he has stood up for the principles of honesty and transparency and – importantly – has told the truth about how this dispute began.

This is in stark contrast to the malicious, deceptive and destructive pitchfork parading of the Webhag and the Hauptmeister ( who apparently believes that bus drivers and trans-sexuals belong in death camps).

Oh, have I exaggerated ? Have I (gasp) *misrepresented* him ? Well, fair’s fair. If the Hauptmeister wants to resort to low personal smears of that sort (sneering at someone’s occupation and gender history) in addition to flat out LYING about why I took my website down, all in the pursuit of the campaign to “denounce” Coffinman in Stalinist style, then why don’t we all join the party?

This smear from Adolph Hauptmeister is one of the lowest things I’ve ever seen. The target of his Stalinist denouncement – Coffinman – runs his videos from the servers of a certain person who is a participant in the nuthouse into which I have temporarily descended in order to write some home truths for the denizens of untruth to squabble over. Looking for a cheap gutter point to score against CM, our resident third Reich reject couldn’t find anything of substance ,so he resorted to sneering at the owner of this server as a “trans-sexual bus driver”.

Apart from the complete irrelevance of the server owner’s occupation and gender history, what makes this really low is that Hauptmeister – who’s dispute was with CM – evidently considered the server owner’s feelings to be acceptable collateral damage. The Commandant doesn’t care who else he hurts in order to score any kind of gutter point he can against the target of his Stalinist campaign.

Now I’ll throw down a challenge to the gutless Hauptmeister. The next time that it finds it necessary to get on a bus, why doesn’t it try insulting the driver to their face and telling them what a useless crap life they lead – and cop the consequences directly ?

Because he’s a gutless lying turd. “Bus drivers” not good enough for us , eh ? We need “distinguished professors” of critically ill thinking to swoon over.

So – to the specific lie which I am addressing.

Coffinman stated – quite correctly – that the reason that I took my site down was because I was devastated by the utter treachery, lies and backstabbing, poisonous McCarthyism of the Webhag – who has betrayed everything that I thought that we were fighting for.

Now – put aside for the moment whether you think that my assessment of the Webhag is accurate, and if so whether my response was appropriate. Regardless of how you might judge the situation, this is the *absolute truth* about why I took down my website.

Coffinman stated that truth – and was called a liar for it. The Hauptmeister *lied* in response to CM, saying that I had taken down my site in response to a hack on other servers, apparently fearing that mine would also be attacked. The Nazi scum *knew* he was lying. He *knew* that he was just making that up. Because the Nazi scum had absolutely no way of knowing why my site was down, so he was lying in a calculated, premeditated way, just to score a point against Coffinman, by being able to call him a liar.

The Commandant ( who’s various addresses I have been blocking for months) had no way of knowing why my site was down because I’ve had no communication with SS headquarters – a point which Adolph himself actually made the mistake of admitting in a previous post. (Oops, there I go, breaking the rules of 911untruth by resorting to logic and documentation) – sorry , I’ll get back to the insults and ranting…

If the Commandant had said something like “I don’t know if what Coffinman says is true, because I’ve had no communication with Gerard” Then that would have been fine.

But it lied. It *fabricated* a reason – on my behalf -knowing that it was a complete fabrication, and then used that fabricated “fact” to call CM a liar.

Now, I can already hear the cries of “this is so petty ! We need to get back to working for the truth ! “

Excuse me ! Your self appointed leaders, forum moderators and spokescreatures are flat out *lying* to you – in the pursuit of a Stalinist campaign against one of the better researchers, and it’s all yawns and “who cares if Haupt lied ?…”

Do you see the remarkable similarities to the flag wavers, who refuted early complicity style evidence by casually remarking “Who cares if Bush lied about when he got to the school and whether he saw the plane crash on TV ?”

Who cares if your fellow untruthers are *lying* to you in order to smear and discredit fellow researchers ?

Now to the more serious lies of the despicable Webhag.

“The ultimate conspiracy” Hah ! More like “the ultimate treachery”.

This dispute began on a small email list. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, but having seen the fallout which has been posted here, I will state that Coffinman has told the absolute truth about how that dispute began and that the Webhag has lied and lied and lied and lied. The Witch has twisted his words, projected her own lies and ugly prejudices on to him, has used every despicable smoke throwing technique possible in order to cover the original lies it told in that dispute and use the result as a McCarthyist style denouncement of someone who was standing up for ethics, proper philosophical principles and – worst of all – telling the truth about how the dispute began.

If you don’t believe me, look at the lie which I just exposed by the Hauptmeister. Unless of course – you want to allege that I’m the one lying about why I took my site down ?

I’ll skip over the details of the original dispute except to say that the Web – bitch has now revealed herself as a supporter of lies, doublethink, and slogan chanting hero worship of the worst sort. The creature is also cheering defamatory lies about other researchers. She openly cheered the defamatory lies told about me by Reynolds and accused me of leading a “pitchfork parade” against her hero Wood, simply because I refused to accept Reynolds’ lies and doublethink.

The Web-witch knowingly and deliberately protected Reynolds by smothering all examination of his writing with shrill screams that it was all a plot to get Wood, and accusing us of being sexists.

As part of its smoke throwing campaign to protect Reynolds, it even suggested that Wood was actually an android manufactured by NASA for the purpose of helping us to spread real truth.
Hmmm… I’m sure that NASA is working over time to help us… But it was only pretending to be stupid. Trolls know that pretending to be stupid is the best way to squash any real discussion and analysis.

The aim of the Webhag was to squash any discussion of the lies of Reynolds by screaming at the top of her voice about Wood. Unfortunately CM took the bait and got sucked into an argument about Wood, in response to this clever distraction tactic from the Were-witch. Once CM took the bait, then the Webwitch had the discussion where it wanted it with a screaming tirade that anybody who even questioned her Woodliness was a “jackbooting sexist”. And also made it clear that to question his magnificence Reynolds was tantamount to the crime of also questioning her Woodliness.

The Hag said that it was OK for Reynolds to lie because he was protecting Wood. And it was OK for Wood to lie because due to hormonal factors, a woman will always lie for a man who protects her. (It seems that the circuit board of the robot that NASA built for us is even able to simulate female emotions.)

When CM took the bait by stating that he doesn’t accept that premise , but pointed out *if* it were true, then doesn’t mean that Wood is inherently unreliable anyway – then the Webhag started screaming “sexist” at him.

If you can believe it – this is the true origin of the hateful smear campaign against the “sexist jackboot” CM.

Now – you want to know what started all of this ?

I committed a terrible , terrible crime.

I observed that Reynolds has suddenly declared himself to be a no planer after all and is assuring us that he really always was, that he was just lying for the last two years in pretending not to be. Now why, oh why, am I so cynical, given that his sudden conversion came immediately in the wake of my critique of his doublethinking on the issue ?…

But never mind. I suggested that a simple way to test whether my cynicism was justified would be to see whether he was prepared to debate the issue of planes with either Fetzer or Wood. You know… see if political loyalties were still more important than truth.

The Webhag , knowing full well the game that Reynolds was playing and seeing that such a test would unmask him, then hit the roof in a vicious tirade of smoke throwing about her Woodliness.

Also note that Reynolds reply article to me had contained vicious defamatory flat out *lies* about me, and that the treacherous Webhag was cheering these lies with great enthusiasm.

This dispute was never about Wood. It was about Reynolds, and the Were-witch – *knowing* that Reynolds was lying – deliberately protected him in a calculated manner by sabotaging a proposed test – by means of a shrill tirade about Wood. This also also protected the serial liar Fetzer.

These are the scum with whom the Webhag has now allied herself. And the vicious bitch is playing both sides by cheering my critique of Reynolds *and* cheering his lying, slithering defamatory response *and* cheering my response to that. It is doublethinking even worse than Reynolds himself now.

This has betrayed everything – *everything* that we have ever worked for.

CM tried to stand up for the same principles as me, but unfortunatly made the mistake of taking the bait in allowing the Hag to suck him into a debate about Wood, and that is what has been presented on this forum.

Reynolds will never be tested now. The lying treacherous, backstabbing Hag has won. Reynolds, Fetzer and Wood are now the *leaders* of the no planers. Except that none of them actually are no planers. Griffinization successfully completed. Planes both did and did not hit the WTC. Established by means of the treacherous Webhag.

And in order to complete this treachery, the despicable Witch has made CM the sacrificial lamb to take the fall as the cover for her treachery.

*That* is why I took my site down. And now the lying Webhag and Hauptmeister are even lying about that.

But this betrayal by the backstabbing Hag has been building for months.

Months ago, I retired from S11 activites. Why ? Because you (nearly) *all* betrayed me.

Months ago, I picked the dirty little game that Fetzer, Wood, Reynolds and Jones were playing.
The impending Griffinization of the no planes issue, achieved by manufacturing a staged fight between Jones and the other three, in order to dangle exo-weaponry as the carrot to allow Fetzer, Wood and Reynolds to take over and control the no planes issue and Griffinize it.

What I never imagined was the backstabbing Hag was in on it too.

At that time, the evil Witch furiously abused me for daring to tell the truth about Fetzer and co, calling me “hateful”, “spiteful”, “vengeful”. I thought at the time that the witch just didn’t see what was going on.

But when it was made clear to me that it didn’t matter how many lies Fetzer told and how well I documented them, nobody cared, I retired. But the evil bitch wouldn’t accept that either. Then she started abusing me for retiring and sneering at me that it made me look pathetic, and hassled me to come back. She put me on to lists in spite of specific and firm instructions to be left off. When I asked to be taken off those lists, she refused, and sneered at me in private for asking, and kept baiting me with snippets of the philosophical atrocities of Fetzer and co – knowing that I would be unable to resist taking the bait. Because she needed me to control Fetzer and co. I wasn’t allowed to knock them out. I was just needed to clip their wings from time to time.

So the Were- witch would bait me into contests with them, cheer for me when I cut them down, but then start abusing me as “hateful” and “vengeful” and “spiteful” if I got them tied up too badly.

The Hag was playing me for a sucker the whole time.

The Webhag even pressured me to ease off on Jones. And that was what really made me hit the roof this last time around. It was the Hag who applied extreme pressure for me to ease off Jones, when I had him just about down and out. The Bitch said that I had gone too far. That I was “hateful” and “vengeful” and “spiteful” and that even Jones didn’t deserve what I was doing to him. Under this pressure, I did as the Hag commanded.

And now – in this recent misery-go-round, the backstabbing, treacherous, two faced bitch yelled at me that while I was doing a “pitchfork parade against Wood” – by asking Reynolds to demonstrate his commitment and debating skills in relation to his sudden conversion – that the evil Jones was getting a free pass. That was *my* fault that Jones as getting a free pass?

Fucking, two faced, treacherous, backstabbing bitch !

The Hag had me on the misery-go-round for months. Utterly disrespecting my desire to be left alone in the wake of the takeover of the no planes scene by Fetzer, Reynolds and Wood, the bitch would haul me out of retirement when needed to whip one of them into shape a bit and then abuse me back into retirement once the necessary clipping of wings had been done.

This recent incident was the same old cycle. The Hag took exception to an email from Reynolds saying that no planes wasn’t proven and came running to me for a bit of help, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to resist taking the bait. I did the job I was asked – culminating in my critique of Reynolds, and then the backstabbing Hag starts cheering for the defamatory lies about me in Reynolds’ retaliatory article, and then blocks my attempt to expose his deception and then abuses me back into retirement with another tirade about my “hateful” “spiteful” “vengeful” campaign.

This is a sample of how the Hag reacted to my proposal to get Reynolds to debate either Fetzer or Wood on the subject in which Reynolds supposedly now believed with such conviction.

(Oops, here I go providing documentation again – how boring ! ) Perhaps I should revert to the normal standards of this forum and ask the Hauptmeister how many goons he takes with him on his fun nights out bashing trans-sexuals and bus drivers…

Anyway, here is an example of the Hag’s tirade.

[[The part that makes me want to say oh fuck it all is that the more you do, the more you provide, the more you care, the worse you get attacked.

If one percent of the energy spent attacking Judy Wood and trying to dig up dirt on Judy Wood had been aimed at Willie Rodrigues or “Dr” Greg Jenkins I wouldn’t be so disgusted right now.
They get a free pass while almost nothing has been accomplished by 911insidejobbers in a month except examining Judy Wood with a microscope.
If there aren’t two Dr. Judy Wood’s, then ours has some pretty incredible credentials.
It has even occurred to me that “Our” Judy Wood might be an Andriod based partly on the “real” one who works for NASA in man-machine interfaces.
And even that doesn’t bother me a bit cos her site is still a magmificent statement of how to use ones eyes to see with.

And her only reward has been hideous attacks. I went through a lot, but nobody ever called me some of the names they used on her.
And now you guys are planning how to eliminate her.
I’m just sick about this.
She has faced more betrayal than anybody: her “friend” alex, aka Spooked, is the worst for trying to cut down and belittle her work while he hugs “minimukes” which are to me the number one sign of Spook Coverup ever since Dave Shaw ‘s repulsive mix of Technical Rap and Grovelling with the intent that we would all join him in stoning Judy Wood.

I know how hard it is to speak up against someone who has been a bodyguard, cos I feel that way about Gerard Holmgren’as standing up for me makes it almost imopssible for me to criticize him.
But a pitchfork parade he’s leading is just as lowdown shitty negative craphood as if anybody else did it.]]

Now let’s get this in perspective. This was the Bitch’s response to a proposal from me that we get Reynolds to debate no planes with either Fetzer or Wood.

Now, just in case the lying, backstabbing, two faced bitch now wants to weasel her way out of the lies of the Hauptmeiester ( I took my site down, because I was scared of being hacked and CM is a liar in blaming the treachery of the Hag…)

This is what I wrote in return.

[[Excuse me ?

My “attack” on Wood was to ask her whether Fetzer’s challenge to Newton’s third law was scientifically valid. It’s not my fault that I had to ask 20 times and still didn’t get an answer.

But then again, it was my fault for being so impertinent as to ask the great one question which might make chips fall in an inconvenient place.

It’s fine to use Socratic questioning on Griffin, but using it on Wood is a “pitchfork parade.”

The truthlings are duplicitous doublethinkers for screaming outrage over me simply asking Griffin whether or not Hence had misrepresented him in saying that he didn’t support demolition or Pentagon hoax.

But if I use the same firm, basic reasonable line of questioning to Wood, then it’s a “pitchfork parade.”

Well , I’ll tell you what I’m sick of. Having to always be the headkicker because no one else has both the insight and the courage to do so *before* things get completely out of control, being used as the headkicker to get people out of the jams they got themselves into by not listening to me earlier, and then once that’s been done being labeled as spiteful and hateful for the job that I got done.

I made myself a pariah by standing up to Jones when no-one else would. If a few more people had caught on and followed at the time, we might have cut him down before he got started.

But at the time I was told that that my counter attack was spiteful and hateful and that I’d gone too far. Under the pressure to relent, I finally took my foot off his throat against my better judgment and gave him a second chance.

And then just the other day, I got berated because Jones was getting a free pass – which apparently was my fault.

I saw through the staged Fetzer\Jones fight before anyone else, and made myself a pariah again in trying to point it out. Again, all I did was ask a question to expose it, but once again it was unacceptable for me to use the same method which had been cheered when I used it on Gold and Griffin. So who’s doublethinking now ?

Because my warnings about the 3 stooges were almost completely ignored, then this time, rather than fight, I let people have their own way. I said

“Fine , keep working with those 3, but don’t include me. Leave me alone. Do whatever you want, but leave me out of it. Have your own mess, but don’t bother me with it any more.”

But even that couldn’t be permitted. No matter how many times I said ” It’s them or me, you can’t write to both of us.”, it was ignored.

I warned people what would happen if they continued to include me with those 3 spookers, but then they react with outrage when I turned every list into an attack on them. If people didn’t like it, then the answer was simple – leave me off anything which included them – as I asked. It doesn’t matter whether people thought I right or wrong, because all I asked was to be allowed to act according to my own views in *private*. That is, if I was unable to convince people that our entire community was being run by 3 cointelpros, to be allowed to simply opt out, according to my own view.

But no – spitting in my face was too much fun. I had to be included on all these nuthouse lists against my wishes – at the same time as being told to lay off the “pitchfork parades.”

So I do my best to disappear from the mad house rather than disrupt it any more, since its inhabitants are so fond of the other company there, and then I’m criticized for being a hermit.

But as soon as Reynolds’ scam finally dawns on them – as I’d warned months before -, and they don’t know how to handle it – who do they come running to for a bit of Socratic muscle ? Me.

Reynolds got out of hand and some head kicking was needed, so I’m hauled out of retirement to do the job, and then the moment it’s done, I’m again told that I’ve been hateful and spiteful.

In fact after all the work I put into exposing the scam of the 3 stooges, Reynolds only has to send one wishy washy nice email, and all of a sudden I’m the bad guy again.

Well, I’m going to make good on the warning I gave last time, when I said “don’t ask me to come and clean up the mess when the monster gets out of control.”

Clean up your own mess. You’ll get no more “pitch fork parades” from me.

Do * not* ever again ask for my help when the doublethink and layered deceptions get out of control. Work it out yourselves.





And how did the hateful, spiteful, vengeful, backstabbing bitch react ? By taking me off the list and letting me go back into retirement ? Hah ? In your dreams ! The hateful emails continued to pour in.

For example.

[[There is absolutely nothing Judy Wood has done to harm anybody.
She produced a brilliant site. She isn’t pontificating, she has gone silent.

I am sorry for the close juxtoposition of the fact Holmgren bodyguarded me, which makes me reluctant to criticize him with the word Pitchfork Parade.

I cheer for Coffinman standing up for Principles and Objective Reality. How the subject got switched to driving Judy Wood out of the movement makes my middle fingers twitchy.]]

How the subject got switched… It was the Hag herself who switched it – in deliberate and calculated manner in order to protect Reynolds. In order to throw smoke at my proposal to test how genuine was Reynolds’ conversion. That’s what started this tirade about Wood. Unfortunately CM didn’t see the game that the Witch was playing and took the bait and entered into the debate about Wood.

Then the bitch started the sexist crap and projected that on to CM too.

After this it didn’t matter how many times I said “take me off this list.” Just more hate and lies poured in through my mailbox.

So I had to block the Hag’s address.

And just in case there was any doubt about how I felt about things, this is what I wrote to the Hag in an email entitled “Blocking your address”..

[[Fuck you, you malicious, lying, manipulative, backstabbing ungrateful, slimy, cripple kicking two faced piece of shit !


Now I would have thought that an email like this made my displeasure rather clear.

So I think it’s rather obvious why I took my site down. But the Hauptmeister *lies* about that too, and in the process falsely accuses CM of lying.

And as we’ll see the Webhag then pretended not to get this email, and tried to bribe me into making CM take the blame for everything.

Every word of what the Webhag and Nazi Commandant have written about this on this forum is a lie. CM has been the victim of a campaign of outright lies about how this started.

These two despicable individuals are some of the lowest, treacherous scum that I ever encountered.

Now – check the next slimy move of the double-dealing Webhag. A classic Stalinist move. The email below pretends to be unaware of the foul mouthed tirade that I had sent earlier. Knowing that I had blocked its address, the hideous creature wrote to me from a different address.

[[I have grave reservations about Coffinman and whatever it is in your articles that makes it into a Jackboot Hangout for him.

You were never into that. You were into individual individuals independently independent.
Now “singularity” means “hangoutable.”
Your site was certainly singular.]]

Note that earlier, the creature from hell had been berating me for a “negative” “hateful” “spiteful” “craphead” campaign against Wood ( for asking her to affirm Newton’s third law and proposing that we test Reynolds in a no plane debate.)

But now, all of a sudden, it’s CM alone who is the villain for twisting my excellent deconstruction of Reynolds into a “pitchfork parade” against Wood. All of a sudden, I’m a noble campaigner for truth against the doublethinking of Reynolds ( in spite of the fact that the Hag had been cheering Reynolds’ slithering lies) and good people like me just want to stay away from crapheads like CM who are trying to twist my good work for evil purposes.

Read between the lines.

What it says is – “ Come back and bask in the status of a revered hero – on the understanding that everyone will gush with admiration at your work, while taking no notice of it whatsoever. You will keep up appearances by the means of token attacks on the worst excesses of Reynolds and Fetzer – on the understanding that no –one will really take any notice, that your writing wont go beyond the permitted parameters, and that everyone will cheer and ignore you. You will be like an honorary head of state – to whom everyone makes a pretence of bowing and deferring while the real decisions are made elsewhere. Fetzer, Reynolds and Wood will lead us, the Webhag will be their whip, you will be the revered but ignored elder statesman, and this little hiccup will be sorted out by denouncing CM as the troublemaker and traitor who tried to twist your work into an attack on her Woodenness.”

This is exactly the tactic that the Stalinists and McCarthyists used to coerce people into denouncing those about to become unperson – as a means of protecting themselves.

I don’t know if you can follow this – but then again, most of you couldn’t follow a fishing line hooked through your nose. How thoroughly and how many times do I have to document the lies of Fetzer ? But the Webhag prances around Fetzer’s feet like a pathetic poodle, licking his boots and begging for scraps, but turning into a snarling Doberman to protect him when necessary, while also playing the other side by sneering at his lies and philosophical abominations just enough to fool people into thinking that that the creature from hell is onto him.

In any research and analysis community with even the slightest shred of integrity and intelligence, Fetzer would have been tarred and feathered and rolled out of town on the railroad track almost as soon as he appeared. Astonished at the failure to do this, I have exposed him over and over again, as well as exposing the unconditional loyalty to this craphead by Reynolds and Wood, but its like trying to explain crash physics to a truthling.

Which brings us to the bigger picture of why I took down my site.

Complete the paragraph.

The mainstream left is as bad as the warmongers. The anti war movement is as bad as the left. The truthlings are as bad as the anti war movement. The no planers are…

Did you manage to complete the paragraph ?

What this has demonstrated is that the no brainers are as big a bunch of lying doublethinking crapheads as the truthlings. You all think that you are so precious and special just because you’ve realized the media hoax on S11. It doesn’t change anything. Demolition is promoted by the truthlings not because it’s true but just because the truth is a fortunate coincidence with their black-hearted agenda. What makes you think that the promotion of the media hoax somehow changes the logical progression in the above uncompleted paragraph ?

The same double thinking. The same “lying for truth”. The same craphead “unity drives” and hero worship. (All hail the *PROFESSORS* (and sneer at the bus drivers). The same Stalinist denouncements of anyone who stands up ( like CM) against the corrupt power brokers (Webhag and the Nazi Goon). The same theft and twisting of intellectual property disguised by the hysterical cheering of the big name heroes who will propel the ultimate truth into the MSM.

Just as there are rare marginalized gems amongst the right, the left, the anti war movement and the LIHOPPERS and the MIHOPPER lites, there are rare marginalized gems amongst the no brainers.

I am speaking generically now – so I ask the forgiveness of those who deserve it – but you no brainers are no better than the truhlings. In fact you are worse.

In a bizarre way, the truhlings were right. The truth does not matter. Because the truth alone will not change the evil in people’s hearts, and the power games they play. And the evil and the power games that I have seen in the no brainers easily matches anything I’ve seen from the truthlings.

If you thought that I was angry about the theft and twisting of my work by Hoffman and Griffin, etc, that is nothing compared to the Orwellian evil that I see looming from you bunch of lying doublethinking cunts. That is why I took my site down.

I’ve learned the lessons from the earlier betrayals. I don’t want you fucking cunts twisting my work for the Orwellian, Stalinist “TV fakery exposure” nightmare that you are cooking up.

Griffin and co were benign compared to you cunts.

I no longer care whether people know that it was an inside job. I no longer care whether they find out that there were no planes. Because regardless of whether we get Ghoulinai, Hitlary Clinton, Cindy Shitting, Kyle sit on the fence, His Holy truthliness Griffin or Moregames Reynolds as our next ruler and hero, it doesn’t change the evil, the treachery, the doublethinking, the malice, the lies, the power games.

I don’t want my well intended but naïve attempt to change things over the last nearly six years used by you cunts in the (s)election campaign for Moregames Reynolds.

The backstabbing treachery by the Webhag is the bitterest betrayal of them all. The betrayal is both personal and against the larger issue of truth and philosophical ethics.

That is why I took my web site down. And I wont be putting it back up. I would rather have people believe in mad Arab hijackers than join in your Orwellian nightmare. Actually, I don’t care what specifics the moron masses believe in. Because underneath it’s the same old lies.

On Sept 11. people got exactly what they deserved – exactly what they wish on everyone other than themselves. And every lying piece of shit has sctrambled to use it for their own power game. The anti war movement, the truhtlings and the no brainers. No difference between any of them.

In closing I’d like to say to thank you to the very few who remained true, and “fuck you” to the rest. I’d like to see the Stalinist campaign against CM end, but I know that I’m pissing in the wind there, because the no brainers – just like truthlings – are in desperate need of a bus driver to bash, a professor to cheer and a lie to chant. I just hope that CM has enough strength and clarity of vision to walk away on his own terms before you cunts crucify him completely.

I’d like to say a special “fuck you” to the Webhag who has played me for a sucker and betrayed everything that I thought we were working for.

Above all, I’d like to remind you of one terrible, horrible, unpalatable truth.

That whatever you think of my rant and my position in general, you can’t escape the fact that
CM *told you the truth* about why I took my site down, and the Hauptmeister lied to you. Reflect on that simple fact…

And finally…

Check this from


Someone has salvaged some of my work for you cunts to scrabble over, with the following into.

[[“Thank you, Gerard, for ‘Giving a Shit’ for so Long.”
-The Webfairy
“WE would have no clue except for [Gerard].
I couldn’t have reached out alone.”- Rosalee Grable]]

You know what this reminds me of ?

The way that corrupt elites assassinate those who have become inconvenient, and then give them a grand funeral with state honours etc – like JFK for example – where half of the mourners with their hands over their hearts and crocodile tears in their eyes are the same bunch who did the killing.

The Webhag assassinated me and everything I stood for- and then delivered a eulogy to a hero at my funeral. Already I can see the beginnings of the unseemly scrabble over my corpse beginning on this forum.

Well this is a voice from the grave.

CM stood up for basic principles of truth, integrity and logic and “letting the chips fall where they may” and got Stalinized.

The Webhag and the Nazi Hauptmeister are two of the lowest most despicable , backstabbing treacherous, lying pieces of shit that I ever had the misfortune to encounter.

Griffinization of no planes is complete. You all think that victory is within your grasp. Well in a way it is. Very soon, Fetzer will be standing up on a podium with the webhag behind him, aanouncing that if you throw a grand piano at a hologram of a pod, it proves that we have dozens of highly qualified experts ( and no bus drivers) to prove that planes both did and did not hit the WTC, thanks to the ground breaking physics research of Moregames Reynolds and the magnificent “911 mysteries video”.

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