Crude oil does not exist, all of our ‘oil’ comes from plants, not ‘molten dinosaur’…

2017-02-09 by factsnotfeelings

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When have any of you seen an actual barrel of oil? Or any crude oil anywhere?

Do you know that the word ‘Shell’ (major oil producer) is used to describe fake economic entities?

A shell corporation is a corporation without active business operations or significant assets.

Perhaps this is the Illuminati passing the truth in plain sight about so-called ‘crude oil’?

Oil drilling operations

They seem to have genuine images of oil rigs, but the pictures of oil drills embedded in the ocean floor are all cartoons. For the same reason why any photo of a ‘virus’ is a cartoon, they don’t exist!

Old photos

Similar fakery is used to hoax the iconic ‘bursting oil well’ photos that we have come to know and love.

This photo has two main problems. No oil on the ground, or on the roof of the nearby building; and to top it off, many of the workers aren’t even looking at the oil, although it is difficult to tell with the low quality.

This picture is simply one big joke. Not only does the ‘gushing oil’ look like it was scribbled in by a five year old, the oil should cast a shadow onto the roof on the lower right, and yet it doesn’t.

The sun is coming from the left, as we can see by the shadow on the right side of the rig. I have highlighted the lack of shadow in this edited version


It’s fairly obvious by now that crude oil is just yet another Illuminati hoax. The few pictures we have of crude oil simply show muddy water or black paint.

That’s all there really is to the crude oil hoax: a dozen or so floating platforms which don’t actually drill into the seabed, some day traders gambling on fake markets and some cups of black paint.

When you have total control of all media and more importantly science and education, hoaxes are easy to pull off…

Dinosaurs are a hoax also, so that on it’s own helps to invalidate the existence of crude oil. Maybe this is why they are talking of ‘abiotic oil’, so that they can eventually use this to replace the molten dinosaur story…

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