Who Exactly is “Julian Assange”..? part 2.

Who Exactly is “Julian Assange”..?

By Dave Emory 

Introduction: The second program about the WikiLeaks network highlights the organization’s links with intelligence services around the world, as well as connections the group has with the Swedish Nazi milieu described in the late Stieg Larsson’s novels and the movies made from them. WikiLeaks receives support from Pirate Bay and its associated Pirate Parties. Composed largely of idealistic, relatively young hackers, most left of center, Pirate Bay is controlled by [40%] investor Carl Lundstrom, a prominent Swedish fascist.John Young, one of WikiLeaks’ founders turned critic of the organization harbors deep suspicions concerning the group.” . . . they’re acting like a cult. They’re acting like a religion. They’re acting like a government. They’re acting like a bunch of spies. They’re hiding their identity. They don’t account for the money. They promise all sorts of good things. They seldom let you know what they’re really up to. . .There was suspicion from day one that this was entrapment run by someone unknown to suck a number of people into a trap. So we actually don’t know. But it’s certainly a standard counterintelligence technique. And they’re usually pretty elaborate and pretty carefully run. They’ll even prosecute people as part of the cover story. That actually was talked about at (Sunday’s) panel. They’ll try to conceal who was informing and betraying others by pretending to prosecute them. . . .” [Italics are mine–D.E.]Young harbors many other suspicions about the group as well.

WikiLeaks kingpin Julian Assange boasts of his links to Australian intelligence and the Wau Holland Foundation in Germany (which is helping with WikiLeaks’ financing) consults with the BND, the successor organization to the Gehlen spy outfit that jumped from the Third Reich to the CIA and the Federal Republic of Germany at the end of World War II. Assange’s e-mails reveal that the group was founded by dissident expatriates from Russia, China and Tibet–a description that sounds very much like a Western intelligence front of some kind.Central to assessing WikiLeaks’ intelligence connections is the concept of the “Turned Hacker Syndrome,” to coin a term. It is common for criminal hackers to be “turned” after they are brought to justice–they are put to work for the authorities using their skills against some of their former associates and/or for the benefit of their former adversaries.Assange himself got a wrist slap from the Australian authorities after hacking national security databases maintained by elements of Western intelligence, suggesting the distinct possibility that Assange was “turned” and is working for one or more intelligence services. In addition, the WikiLeaks-associated Wau Holland Foundation also gives evidence of being a “Turned Hacker” element.A fascinating detail not included in the original broadcast concerns the fact that Moneybookers, the company that was handling 0nline contributions to WikiLeaks is a subsidiary of Investcorp, a company that is inextricably linked with the milieu of the BCCI, an intelligence bank that was used for machinations in the Iran-Contra scandal, drug trafficking, the Afghan mujahideen support effort and terrorism. Investcorp is inextricably linked with elements of the Gulf elite who are connected to the Bush family interests, as well as to the events surrounding 9/11.

As discussed in FTR #707, Sweden (in which WikiLeaks has located its operations) hosts a vigorous fascist community, connected to some of its wealthiest citizens, its intelligence servicesand an international criminal milieu involved with various forms of criminal sex trafficking.In remarkable fashion, the world of WikiLeaks overlaps the world portrayed by the late Stieg Larsson in his Millenium novels and the movies made from them (The Girl with the Dragoon TattooThe Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.) In the Larsson novels/movies, we find the intertwining of the world of computer hackers, Nazis (old and new), sex trafficking and criminal sexuality. We find the same elements in the WikiLeaks story. (A knowledgeable source familiar with the Swedish political landscape assured author Christopher Hitchens that everything in the Larsson novels/movies actually took place!)Program Highlights Include: Review of Assange’s relationship with The Family of Anne Hamilton-Byrne; Assange’s possible indictment for sexual molestationPRQ server’s hosting of a pedophile chat forum(PRQ also hosts Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks); the Swedish Pirate Party’s sponsorship of WikiLeaks in Sweden (the Party is closely connected to Pirate Bay); the Swiss Pirate Party’s hosting of WikiLeaks following DNS attacks; the WikiLeaks’use of a company owned by a co-founder (with Lundstrom) of Pirate Bay as an emergency fund-raising conduit; review of the financing of Pirate Bay by Nazi financier Carl Lundstrom; Lundstrom’s suggestion that Pirate Bay’s operations be moved to ArgentinaPirate Bay’s acquisition by a Swedish company; the mysterious offshore entity that is the corporate shell of Pirate Bay; indications that the stock of that Swedish company may have been subject to insider trading; the resignation of the German Pirate Party’s lone member of Parliament because of possession of child pornography; WikiLeaks’ release of the East Anglia University documents, which cast aspersions on the research underscoring global warming (“progressives” tend to forget this about WikiLeaks); the death of Nobel Prize winning climatologist Stephen Schneider (who was receiving death threats from neo-Nazis and was on a flight from Sweden.)1. Among those who harbor suspicions concerning the possible involvement of WikiLeaks with elements of the intelligence community is one of the group’s founders, John Young (now a prominent critic of the group).In addition, he notes that WikiLeaks has behaved in a mercenary manner, seeking generous amounts of funding. Young also notes that the organization has behaved deceptively with regard to its advisory board. Having himself been the focal point of government inquiries, Young is also skeptical of Assange’s accounts of being harrassed by sinister “government agents.”Lastly, Young doesn’t think that WikiLeaks’ strategic retreat to Sweden is likely to bear fruit–according to Young, no hacker outfit is “takedown-proof.”John Young was one of WikiLeaks’ early founders. Now he’s one of the organization’s more prominent critics.Young, a 74-year-old architect who lives in Manhattan, publishes a document-leaking Web site called Cryptome.org that predates WikiLeaks by over a decade. He’s drawn fire from Microsoft after posting leaked internal documents about police requests, irked the U.K. government for disclosing the names of possible spies, and annoyed Homeland Security by disclosing a review of Democratic National Convention security measures.Cryptome’s history of publicizing leaks–while not yielding to pressure to remove them–is what led Young to be invited to join Wikileaks before its launch over three years ago. He also agreed to be the public face of the organization by listing his name on the domain name registration.Operating a Web site to post leaked documents isn’t very expensive (Young estimates he spends a little over $100 a month for Cryptome’s server space). So when other Wikileaks founders started to talk about the need to raise $5 million and complained that an initial round of publicity had affected “our delicate negotiations with the Open Society Institute and other funding bodies,” Young says, he resigned from the effort.In the last few weeks, after the arrest of Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning cast a brighter spotlight on Wikileaks, Young has been trying to trace Wikileaks’ money flows. On July 17, Wikileaks asked supporters for $200,000 to pay for Mannings’ attorneys, even though co-founder Julian Assange said a few days earlier that the organization had already raised $1 million.CNET caught up with Young at the Next HOPE hacker conference here last weekend, where he was attending the Wikileaks keynote speech. Following is a transcript made from a recorded interview with Young, lightly edited for space.Q: How many hours a day or days a week do you spend on Cryptome?
Young: Well, it varies. When I’m doing professional practice work, it’s very little. I just answer e-mail and when something hot comes in, I’ll put it up. Most of my time is spent on my architectural practice. So I do Cryptome between when I have time to get to it. It’s by no means a full-time activity.What you’re doing sounds a lot like what Wikileaks is doing, no?
Young: Only superficially, Declan, because, and we can talk more about this, I initially thought that was what they were going to be doing when I first agreed to participate. But it became clear right away that they were going to set up an operation with multiple people involved. So the first difference is that I don’t run an operation. I don’t have any people working on this. This is strictly–and I like the term myself, but other people hate it–it’s strictly an amateur version.It’s not like Wikileaks and their grand goals. I’ve never had any desire to overturn governments or do any of these noble things that they want to do. Or jack up journalism. This was just a way to get certain kinds of documents out to the public.And so when they explained the amount of money they were going to try to raise, that was the basis for parting company with them. I thought it was going to be more like Cryptome, which is a collective of people contributing their time to it and not a centralized operation raising lots of money. Cryptome is not into that kind of thing. We parted company at that point. We’re still not like Wikileaks in that we don’t do any promotional work for our activities.Who were the other Wikileaks founders?Young: I’m not going to talk about those. I’ll say Julian (Assange) was clearly there. I elected to conceal those names when I published these messages. And I think it’s basically a violation of Cryptome’s policy–to publish the names of people who do not want to be identified.You had a falling-out with the other Wikileaks founders?
Young: Yes. But it was over this: someone said that the initial goal was $5 million. That caught my attention. One, because I think the type of stuff I was going to publish, you should never do it for money. Only because that contaminates the credibility and it turns it into a business opportunity where there’s great treachery and lying going on.And it will contaminate Wikileaks. It always does. In fact, that’s the principal means by which noble endeavors are contaminated, the money trail. That’s pretty obvious. I happen to think that amateur stuff is better than paid stuff.How long were you involved before you resigned?
Young: Not long. A few weeks. It wasn’t long. However, one of the things that happened is that somehow I got subscribed to that list under another name and the messages kept coming in. I got to keep reading what they were saying about me after they booted me off. The messages kept coming in. So I published those too.Did they criticize you for, well, leaking about Wikileaks?
Young: They certainly did. They accused me of being an old fart and jealous. And all these things that come up, that typically happen when someone doesn’t like you. That’s okay. I know you would never do that and journalists never do that, but ordinary people do this all the time.Because journalism is a noble profession in all its guises?Young: That’s right. And there’s no back-biting there.Over the years you’ve been running Cryptome, you’ve had some encounters with federal agencies. What visits did you have and what were the agents concerned about?
Young: They were most concerned that we published lists. The names of spies. That was the first issue that brought us to their attention. There was a request, so we were told, from one of the British intelligence people to have that list removed.And did you remove it?Young: No. And not only that, but the FBI was always very polite. They said you’ve done nothing illegal, we’re not pursuing a criminal investigation. These are just courtesies we’re offering other governments. We had one with the Brits and one with the Japanese that brought them to our door.You had no other interaction with, say, Homeland Security?Young: The other was when we started our eyeball series of publishing photos. That brought one visit and one phone call. But again, they were polite and said there’s nothing illegal about this. They never used a negative term. They just said the issue has been raised with us.And by the way, I did a FOIA trying to get records of these visits, but I could never find anything. I did get business cards, though, and I asked for ID. They were very polite and gave me business cards and I published all that. They asked me not to publish their names. But what the hell, Declan, what else do I have to go with?So if you’ve been publishing sensitive government information for so long, why have you not had the same encounters that Wikileaks has had? [Ed. Note: Wikileaks has claimed its representatives have been harassed by U.S. government agents.]I don’t think they’ve had any encounters. That’s bogus. But that’s okay. I know a lot of people who talk about how the government’s after them. It’s a fairly well-worn path. You know it from your own field. It remains to be seen whether any of this stuff holds up or not.One of the tests is: unless you go to jail, it’s all bogus. When I go to jail, you’ll say he actually did it, finally. He came up with something that offended someone. So far that hasn’t happened, no indictments or anything. These polite visits are the closest I’ve come.Professionals are going to have nothing to do with Wikileaks, as you probably know if you check around. People who know security will not have anything to do with Wikileaks. But the public will.Wikileaks pledges to maintain the confidentiality of sources and stressed that in the presentation over the weekend. Do you offer your contributors the same guarantee?Young: No. That’s just a pitch. You cannot provide any security over the Internet, much less any other form of communication. We actually post periodically warnings not to trust our site. Don’t believe us. We offer no protection. You’re strictly on your own.We also say don’t trust anyone who offers you protection, whether it’s the U.S. government or anybody else. That’s a story they put out. It’s repeated to people who are a little nervous. They think they can always find someone to protect them. No, you can’t. You’ve got to protect yourself. You know where I learned that? From the cypherpunks.So Wikileaks cannot protect people. It’s so leaky. It’s unbelievable how leaky it is as far as security goes. But they do have a lot of smoke blowing on their site. Page after page after page about how they’re going to protect you.And I say, oh-oh. That’s over-promising. The very over-promising is an indication that it doesn’t work. And we know that from watching the field of intelligence and how governments operate. When they over-promise, you know they’re hiding something. People who are really trustworthy do not go around broadcasting how trustworthy I am.It sounds like you’ve become more critical of Wikileaks over time.Young: It’s not just them. It’s also that they’re behaving like untrustworthy organizations. So yes, if the shoe fits, fine.I don’t want to limit this to Wikileaks, but yes, they’re acting like a cult. They’re acting like a religion. They’re acting like a government. They’re acting like a bunch of spies. They’re hiding their identity. They don’t account for the money. They promise all sorts of good things. They seldom let you know what they’re really up to. They have rituals and all sorts of wonderful stuff. So I admire them for their showmanship and their entertainment value. But I certainly would not trust them with information if it had any value, or if it put me at risk or anyone that I cared about at risk.Nevertheless, it’s a fascinating development that’s come along, to monetize this kind of thing. That’s what they’re up to. You start with free samples.You’ve been trying to follow some of Wikileaks’ money flows. You contacted the German charity and posted their response. They said they’re going to have some information to you perhaps in early August. Does that make you feel any better about the money trail?Young: No. To clarify, they’re going to publish it on their Web site. They said, “you could mirror it or point to it.” So it’s not just for me.But it’s only a tiny sliver of what Wikileaks claims it’s raised. whether Wikileaks has raised a million dollars as they’ve claimed, or whether they’re trying to prime the pump, I don’t know. (German charity) Wal Holland has only handled a very tiny amount of this, and they’ve said that, “We know nothing about the rest.” . . .. . . There was suspicion from day one that this was entrapment run by someone unknown to suck a number of people into a trap. So we actually don’t know. But it’s certainly a standard counterintelligence technique. And they’re usually pretty elaborate and pretty carefully run. They’ll even prosecute people as part of the cover story. That actually was talked about at (Sunday’s) panel. They’ll try to conceal who was informing and betraying others by pretending to prosecute them. [Italics are mine–D.E.] . . .2. Young leaked WikiLeaks e-mails, which indicate that dissident exiles from China, Russia and elsewhere founded the group. From this description–again, derived from WikiLeaks’ own e-mails, it sounds like the group is associated with a right-wing intelligence network–one that is also willing to work against U.S. interests. Among the elements that should be considered in this regard are the UNPO and the Safari Club. It appears that Assange imagined that he would be able to fleece CIA and Western intelligence services.“1. WL was founded by Chinese dissidents, mathematicians and startup company technologists, from the US, Taiwan, Europe, Australia and South Africa.1.1 Our advisory board, which is still forming, includes representatives from expat Russian and Tibetan refugee communities, reporters, a former US intelligence analyst and cryptographers.2. There are currently 22 people directly involved in the project.3. We haven’t sought public feedback so far, but dissident communities have been been very gracious with their assistance.”To: John YoungFrom: WikileaksSubject: martha stuart pgpDate: Sun, 7 Jan 2007 12:20:25 –0500J. We are going to fuck them all. Chinese mostly, but not entirely a feint. Invention abounds. Lies, twists and distorts everywhere needed for protection. Hackers monitor Chinese and other intel as they burrow into their targets, when they pull, so do we.Inexhaustible supply of material. Near 100,000 documents/emails a day. We’re going to crack the world open and let it flower into something new. If fleecing the CIA will assist us, then fleece we will. We have pullbacks from NED, CFR, Freedomhouse and other CIA teats. We have all of pre 2005 Afghanistan. Almost all of India fed. Half a dozen foreign ministries. Dozens of political parties and consulates, Worldbank, apec, UN sections, trade groups, Tibet and Fulan Dafa associations and… Russian phishing mafia who pull data everywhere. We’re drowning. We don’t even know a tenth of what we have or who it belongs to. We stopped storing it at 1Tb.”http://cryptome.org/wikileaks/wikileaks-leak.htm3. As discussed in FTR #724, WikiLeaks has been collecting funds (in part) through the Wau Holland Foundation in Berlin. (The foundation has indicated that the group’s fundraising is fairly mysterious–they have claimed to be raising money for the defense of Bradley Manning (the apparent source of the “Collateral Murder” documents). Yet it appears that they haven’t allocated any funds for that purpose.One of the things that is noteworthy about the Wau Holland Foundation is the organization’s apparent links to the German intelligence service–the BND. Central to understanding this program is the concept of what–for lack of a better term– could be called “Turned Hacker Syndrome.”Frequently, hackers who have been “taken down” are “turned”–they are put to work for the very governments against whose laws they have transgressed. The possibility that the CCC may have been “turned” is one to be seriously considered.Before WikiLeaks became associated with CCC, members of that group hacked into sensitive NATO and U.S. databases on behalf of the KGB, which rewarded their charges with drugs and money. Following that hack, one CCC luminary was found hanged (an alleged suicide, his feet were still on the ground) and another was burned to death after having been doused with an gasoline. Wau Holland himself died of a stroke at the age of 49.. . . Twenty years later, the CCC now has to continue without its honorary president Wau Holland, also known as Herwart Holland-Moritz. Holland suffered a stroke in late May and fell into a coma; he died Sunday morning, age 49. . . . Holland taught his fellow CCCers to never hack for profit, to alwaysbe open about what they were up to, and to fight for an openinformation society. He was deeply embarrassed when some CCCers soldtheir discoveries from within the U.S. military computer network tothe KGB. This incident and the subsequent discussions in the clubbrought the next generation to the CCCs helm.While the new leadership has a less strict moralistic, more postmodernsense of hacking, it remains true to the CCCs political objectives.Holland became the clubs honorary president. Under his stewardship,the CCC gained considerable status in German politics, with itsspeakers invited by the parliament, telecoms firms, banks and even thesecret service . . .http://lists.jammed.com/ISN/2001/07/0082.html4. Assange himself may be something of a “turned hacker.” Is he connected to Australian intelligence, as he claims? Is an element of that connection the wrist slap he received for his criminal hacking in Australia?. . . Programming quickly became hacking once Assange got an Internet connection, and soon he was accessing government networks and bank mainframes. He was arrested in 1991 and charged with more than 30 criminal counts related to his hacking. Facing as many as 10 years in prison, Assange struck a plea deal.During sentencing, the judge ruled that Assange only had to pay a fine. Assange’s hacks were not malicious; they were the harmless result of “inquisitive intelligence,” said the judge. . . .“Julian Assange: The Hacker Who Created WikiLeaks” by Scott Bland; The Christian Science Monitor;7/26/2010.5. Assange has claimed he was warned by “Australian intelligence” that the “Pentagon” would try to discredit him.A top Swedish prosecutor said on Wednesday she was reopening an investigation into rape allegations against Julian Assange, the founder of whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.…Assange has denied the charges, which a lower official had withdrawn two weeks ago, and said he has been warned by Australian intelligence that he could face a campaign to discredit him after leaking the documents. . . . [Italics are mine–D.E.]“Sweden Reopens WikiLeaks Founder Rape Investigation” by Simon Johnson and Patrick Lannin [Reuters];msnbc.com; 9/1/2010.

6. Recall that in FTR #724, we examined Assange’s relationship with “The Family,” which has apparent connections to Australian intelligence. (Well-connected beyond anything one could suppose from “coincidence” in the civilian sector, the cult cared for Lord Casey, the Australian governmental minister in charge of overseeing the Australian intelligence service.) Although Assange dismisses his relationship to the group as having spent years fleeing with his mother from the group’s attempts at seizing his half-brother, this “flight” entailed his mother repeatedly seeking refuge in the same places and telling friends what she was doing and where she was doing it.Was this “flight” actually part of the creation of a “legend”–a plausibly deniable cover for intelligence work? It should be noted that the group repeatedly caught up with Assange and his mother. Was Assange tipping them off? Was this part of the cover all along? Might this have been intended to explain any future, potentially troublesome eyewitness accounts of contact between the group, Assange and his mother?The possibility that this story involves the creation of a “legend” is not one to be too readily cast aside.Assange’s strange white/platinum/blonde hair is a subject of interest. Characteristic of children raised in the Anne Hamilton-Byrne cult, the origins of that odd coif are explained by his mother as stemming from yet another child custody case. Supposedly, his hair turned white because of the trauma of repeated court appearances in connection with attempts at gaining custody of his daughter. Is this part of the creation of a legend, as well. It appears that Assangedies his hair–as illustrated above and at right.. . . In 1999, after nearly three dozen legal hearings and appeals, Assange worked out a custody agreement with his wife. Claire told me, “We had experienced very high levels of adrenaline, and I think that after it all finished I ended up with P.T.S.D. It was like coming back from a war. You just can’t interact with normal people to the same degree, and I am sure that Jules has some P.T.S.D. that is untreated.” Not long after the court cases, she said, Assange’s hair, which had been dark brown, became drained of all color. . .“No Secrets” by Jeff Khatchatourian; The New Yorker; 6/7/2010.7. Interestingly, and significantly, it was while “on the run” from the Hamilton-Byrne cult that Assange began his hacking career. It should be noted that his hacks involved targets that would certainly have placed him on the radar screen of Western intelligence! Again, was the wrist-slap he received symptomatic of “Turned Hacker Syndrome”?. . . While on the run, Claire rented a house across the street from an electronics shop. Assange would go there to write programs on a Commodore 64, until Claire bought it for him, moving to a cheaper place to raise the money. He was soon able to crack into well-known programs, where he found hidden messages left by their creators. . . .. . . He joined with two hackers to form a group that became known as the International Subversives, and they broke into computer systems in Europe and North America, including networks belonging to the U.S. Department of Defense and to the Los Alamos National Laboratory. . . .Idem.8. The conclusion of the program highlights the group’s current place of operations–Sweden–and the circumstances under which they arrived in that nation.WikiLeaks has been touting Sweden as a safe base of operations–for those who would work with them. WikiLeaks co-founder and critic John Young says that WikiLeaks’ assurances of security are illusory.BBC: What do you think about Wikileaks being based in a country which will protect it from takedown.Cryptome: There is no place where a takedown cannot occur. The distribution system for communication can always be blocked and servers confiscated. Only multiple, growing and changing public outlets for prohibited information can offer a chance of avoiding shutdown, demonization, corruption through finance and bribery and orchestrated distrust. . . .“BBC Interviews Cryptome”; cryptome.org; 1/14/2010.9a. Another fascinating detail concerning the tangled web that is WikiLeaks concerns the PRQ server, based in Sweden. In addition to hosting WikiLeaks, it is the base for Pirate Bay, a controlling interest in which is owned by Carl Lundstrom, a prominent Swedish Nazi and financier of that country’s fascist political parties (including the Sweden Democrats, who enjoyed considerable success in the recent Swedish elections.) It is unclear if this would give Swedish Nazi elements access to information from documents accessed by WikiLeaks, but that seems a reasonable possibility. [Knowledgeable contacts in the Silicon Valley have told me that that would have been the case.]Note that Lundstrom sold his family business to the Sandoz company. Part of the old I.G. Farben complex, it is the firm that developed LSD and, according to Sarah Moore, provided it gratis to the Hamilton-Byrne cult. Note that theelements of the old I.G. Farben firm have coalesced into an essential element of the Bormann capital network, the economic component of the Underground Reich.A Swedish Internet company linked to file-sharing hub The Pirate Bay says it’s helping online whistle-blower WikiLeaks release classified documents from servers located in a Stockholm suburb. Mikael Viborg, the owner of theWeb hosting company PRQ, on Friday showed The Associated Press the site — the basement of a drab office building — in Solna on the condition that the exact location was not revealed.“This is the office. The server room is further inside,” the 28-year-old Viborg said, with the door to the office cracked open. Desks with computers, documents, and empty pastry boxes and soda cans could be seen inside before he closed the door.WikiLeaks posted more than 76,900 classified military and other documents, mostly raw intelligence reports from Afghanistan, on its website July 25. The White House angrily denounced the leaks, saying they put the lives of Afghan informants and U.S. troops at risk.The secretive website gives few details about its setup, but says its “servers are distributed over multiple international jurisdictions and do not keep logs. Hence these logs cannot be seized.” . . .” Swedish Web Hosting Firm Confirms WikiLeaks Link” by Karl Ritter [AP]; msnbc.com; 8/6/2010.9b. Ultimately, Pirate Bay was sold to Swedish gaming firm GGF. (It ultimately appears that the deal wasn’t consummated due to the bankruptcy of GGF. Pirate Bay, in turn, is controlled by an offshore entity called Reservella, registered in the Seychelles.)The ultimate motive for a fascist like Lundstrom to fund Pirate Bay is, obviously, a matter of speculation. One possibility to be considered is the Serpent’s Walk scenario, with the Underground Reich gaining control of all world media. (This is discussed at greater length in the long For The Record series about German Corporate Control of U.S. media. Recall BMG’s alliance with Napster in the early part of the decade. Might Lundstrom have been grooming Pirate Bay for corporate takeover by an Underground Reich entity?)The lucrative commercialization of Napster may well have been one of the inspirations for GGF’s takeover of Pirate Bay.Global Gaming Factory (GGF) has paid 60m kronor (£4.7m) to take over the site from its founders.Once it has taken control, GGF said it would start paying copyright fees for the movies, music and games linked to via the site. . . .“Pirate Bay Site Sold to Game Firm”; BBC News; 6/30/2009.9c. In that same context, it is worth noting that the quasi-populist ideological rhetoric surrounding Pirate Bay dovetails nicely with the sort of “fascist populism” marketed by the political parties financed by Lundstrom.. . . The money man, Carl Lundström, on whose servers The Pirate Bay [and WikiLeaks–D.E.] was housed, is straight out of the crime novels of Stieg Larsson. He inherited a fortune built on crispbread, and has a long history of involvement with extreme rightwing politics. In the 1980s, he was a member of “Keep Sweden Swedish”, an anti-immigrant fringe group; he has financially backed the Sweden Democrats, a would-be populist and anti-immigrant party; and only this month the managing director of one of his companies was charged with a robbery in a small west-coast town, part of a feud within a neo-Nazi group. Lundström told the Metro newspaper (http://bit.ly/metro) after he sacked the man that he had known he was a party member, but not that he had gone to collect another member’s computer with a submachine gun.Gottfrid Svartholm Varg and Frederik Neij, the nerds who run The Pirate Bay itself, have also been accused by the prosecutor of tax evasion, but deny that they were making any money from their business. Their attitude of sneering entitlement towards the government is all of a piece with their attitude towards the big content companies. . . .. . . I know that a little bit of the rhetoric around The Pirate Bay sounds leftwing – the idea that it is wrong for “international capital” to push Sweden around – but that’s just populist, and could be found in the rhetoric of the kind of parties that Carl Lundström has supported too.The overwhelming impression is of a clash between two rightwing views, one that says it is all right to steal from the state, and one which says it is sinful to steal from corporations. . . .“The Pirate Bay trial Is the Collision of ‘Can I?’ and ‘Should I?’ Cultures” by Andrew Brown; The Guardian; 2/26/2009.9d. Interestingly, and perhaps significantly, the purchase of Pirate Bay by GGF took place the same week as the death of Michael Jackson. In FTR #695, we examined his untimely demise against the background of Bertelsmann’s re-entry into the music business and Michael Jackson’s ownership of the highly lucrative Beatles catalog. Might the two events have been linked–part of the Underground Reich’s bid to increase its presence in the music business?Just before GGF’s purchase of Pirate Bay, the stock increased dramatically in price, causing many to speculate that insider trading may have been involved.There have been two big music-business news stories in the past week. One has been – and still is – dominating all media outlets, and the other pretty much snuck in under the radar.The biggest story, of course, was the death of Michael Jackson and the resulting cancellation of his 50 gigs at the O2. . .. . . There are reports that subscribers are closing their accounts, and GGF is facing an insider-trading investigation after its stock saw a huge upswing in trades on Monday – the day before the deal was announced. . . .“Behind the Music: Pirate Bay’s Purchase Proves they’re not Altruistic”; The Guardian; 7/03/2009.9e. Lundstrom is alleged to have suggested moving Pirate Bay’s operations to Argentina–certainly a hospitable place for a potential Bormann capital network business enterprise!. . . . The paper also talks about knowledge on Lundstrom’s side about potential legal ramifications. Prosecutors say Ludstrom personally sent an SMS to Fredrik Neij on May 31st of 2006 to warn him about the raids against The Bay and its owners. Lundstrom supposedly also suggested in an email to move The Pirate Bay’s operations to Argentina. . . .“Who Is the Fourth Man in the Pirate Bay Case?” by Janko Roettgers; Gigaom; 2/2/2008.9f. The precise corporate titular parent of the old Pirate Bay remains somewhat mysterious.. . . . Maybe more worrying; it’s still unclear who’s the owners of The Pirate Bay. There’s no company with the name The Pirate Bay registered in Sweden. According to GGF’s legal advisor Per Eric Alvsing, The Pirate Bay is owned by a company in the Seychelles, called Reservella, Dagens Industri writes. But he doesn’t know who’s the owner of Reservella. . . .“The Pirate Bay Sold to Swedish IT Company” by John Nylander; The Swedish Wire; 6/30/2009.9g. Pirate Bay sugar daddy Lundstrom has discussed his political sympathies. [The excerpt below is from Google translations. The Swedish sentence is followed by the English translation.]. . . Lundström har inte gjort någon hemlighet av sina sympatier för främlingsfientliga grupper, och förra året fanns hans namn med på kundregistret hos det nazistiska bokförlaget Nordiska Förlaget. Lundstrom has made no secret of his sympathy for the xenophobic groups, and last year was his name with the customer code of the Nazi publishing house Nordic Publishers.– Jag stöder dem genom att köpa böcker och musik. – I support them by buying books and music. Ni i media vill bara sprida missaktning om olika personer. You in the media just want to spread contempt for different people. Ni i media är fyllda av hat till Pirate Bay, avslutar en mycket upprörd Carl Lundström. You in the media is full of hatred to the Pirate Bay, finishing a very upset Carl Lundström.Nordiska Förlaget säljer vit makt musik och böcker som hyllar rasistiska våldshandlingar. Nordic publishing company sells white power music and books that celebrates the racist violence. Förlaget stöder nazisternas demonstration i Salem och bjöd in Ku Klux Klan ledaren till en föredragturné i Sverige. Publisher supports the Nazi demonstration in Salem and invited the Ku Klux Klan leader for a lecture tour in Sweden. . . .“The Goal: Take over all Piracy” by Peter Karlsson; realtid.se; 3/10/2006.10. As discussed in FTR #707, Sweden hosts a vigorous fascist community, connected to some of its wealthiest citizens, its intelligence services and an international criminal milieu involved with various forms of criminal sex trafficking.In remarkable fashion, the world of WikiLeaks intersects with the world portrayed by the late Stieg Larsson in his Millenium novels and the movies made from them (The Girl with the Dragoon TattooThe Girl Who Played with Fire andThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.) In the Larsson novels/movies, we find the intertwining of the world of computer hackers, Nazis (old and new), sex trafficking and criminal sexuality. We find the same elements in the WikiLeaks story.Author Christopher Hitchens described the political/social environment portrayed by Larsson. Note that Larsson was the focal point of death threats and plots by Swedish Nazis, and that someone familiar with the Swedish political and legal scene said that everything Larsson wrote about actually happened! Furthermore, Larsson died on the anniversary of Die Krystallnacht (November 9th), a very important date in the Nazi world view. His strategically timed heart attack should be pondered in light of the Swedish Nazi milieu’s links to that country’s intelligence services. Such elements can simulate an apparent heart attack very easily.. . . In the Larsson universe the nasty trolls and hulking ogres are bent Swedish capitalists, cold-faced Baltic sex traffickers, blue-eyed Viking Aryan Nazis, and other Nordic riffraff who might have had their reasons to whack him. . . His best excuse for his own prurience is that these serial killers and torture fanciers are practicing a form of capitalism and that their racket is protected by a pornographic alliance with a form of Fascism, its lower ranks made up of hideous bikers and meth runners. This is not just sex or crime—it’s politics! . . .And this is not the only murk that hangs around his death, at the age of 50, in 2004.To be exact, Stieg Larsson died on November 9, 2004, which I can’t help noticing was the anniversary of Kristallnacht. Is it plausible that Sweden’s most public anti-Nazi just chanced to expire from natural causes on such a date? Larsson’s magazine, Expo, which has a fairly clear fictional cousinhood with “Millennium,” was an unceasing annoyance to the extreme right. He himself was the public figure most identified with the unmasking of white-supremacist and neo-Nazi organizations, many of them with a hard-earned reputation for homicidal violence. The Swedes are not the pacific herbivores that many people imagine: in the footnotes to his second novel Larsson reminds us that Prime Minister Olof Palme was gunned down in the street in 1986 and that the foreign minister Anna Lindh was stabbed to death (in a Stockholm department store) in 2003. The first crime is still unsolved, and the verdict in the second case has by no means satisfied everybody.A report in the mainstream newspaper Aftonbladet describes the findings of another anti-Nazi researcher, named Bosse Schön, who unraveled a plot to murder Stieg Larsson that included a Swedish SS veteran. Another scheme misfired because on the night in question, 20 years ago, he saw skinheads with bats waiting outside his office and left by the rear exit. Web sites are devoted to further speculation: one blog is preoccupied with the theory that Prime Minister Palme’s uncaught assassin was behind the death of Larsson too. Larsson’s name and other details were found when the Swedish police searched the apartment of a Fascist arrested for a political murder. Larsson’s address, telephone number, and photograph, along with threats to people identified as “enemies of the white race,” were published in a neo-Nazi magazine: the authorities took it seriously enough to prosecute the editor. . . .Still, I have attended demonstrations by these Swedish right-wing thugs, and they are truly frightening. I also know someone with excellent contacts in the Swedish police and security world who assures me that everything described in the ‘Millennium’ novels actually took place. [Italics are mine–D.E.] And, apparently, Larsson planned to write as many as 10 in all. So you can see how people could think that he might not have died but been ‘stopped.’” . . .“The Author Who Played with Fire” by Christopher Hitchens; Vanity Fair; 12/2009.11. In Sweden, Assange his been charged with “molestation,” a sexual harassment offense.A top Swedish prosecutorsaid on Wednesday she was reopening aninvestigation into rape allegations againstJulian Assange, the founder of whistleblowingwebsite WikiLeaks.WikiLeaks published more than 70,000 secretmilitary files on Afghanistan in July in what U.S. officials have called one of the biggestsecurity breaches in U.S. military history.Assange has denied the charges, which alower official had withdrawn two weeks ago,and said he has been warned by Australianintelligence that he could face a campaign todiscredit him after leaking the documents.Neither Assange nor his lawyer could beimmediately reached for comment.Director of Public Prosecutions Marianne Nysaid she decided to reopen the investigationafter further review of the case.“There is reason to believe that a crime hasbeen committed. Considering informationavailable at present, my judgment is that theclassification of the crime is rape,” Ny said in astatement on the Prosecution Authority’swebsite.“More investigations are necessary before afinal decision can be made,” she added. Shealso said a preliminary investigation intocharges of molestation would be expanded tosexual coercion and sexual molestation.“The case has a high priority,” she toldReuters. She declined to say whether Assangehad already been questioned or give furtherinformation.Allegations of rape and molestation werebrought against Assange, an Australiancitizen, two weeks ago.The more serious charge was dropped almostimmediately, though prosecutors continued tolook into the molestation charge. . . .“Sweden Reopens WikiLeaks Founder Rape Investigation” by Simon Johnson and Patrick Lannin [Reuters];msnbc.com; 9/1/2010.12. The PRQ server (which serves Pirate Bay and WikiLeaks and is largely financed by Nazi luminary Carl Lundstrom) also serves a site that caters to pedophiles, who use it to “groom” potential partners.One question that suggests itself concerns the sexual abuse to which children of “The Family” were subjected (see FTR #724.) Is there any relationship between the systematic sexual abuse of children by the Hamilton-Byrne cult and the charges leveled against Assange? In turn, is there any link between those considerations and the Nazi-linked PRQ’s hosting of both WikiLeaks and a pedophile site?About the pedophile site:Despite a new law designed to tackle grooming of young people by suspected paedophiles on internet websites, police are unable to act against those hosting chat forums, contact sites and advice pages.“The so-called grooming law which came into force last July forbids sexually motivated contact with children over the internet. But the adult has to take some sort of initiative in that contact for it to be an offence — to arrange a date, buy a train ticket or such like,” said Jonas Persson of the Swedish police to The Local on Friday.In the six months after the law was adopted the police received only 100 reports, despite the fact that more than half of Swedish girls aged 15 to17 claimed to have been subject to grooming attempts by adults over the internet before reaching the age of 15, according to a National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebygganderådet — Brå) report from 2007.The law does not allow for the closure of websites or the prosecution of those behind them. Jonas Persson explained why:“I don’t think a tightening of the legislation is desirable — it would come dangerously close to encroaching on freedom of expression legislation,” he said.Legal obligations for those behind websites visited by suspected paedophiles and would-be “groomers” extend only to the removal of pictures and films which feature minors, or the publication of personal information.The Local has received information that a man resident in Stockholm is alleged to be behind a chat forum serving as a contact point for paedophiles and hosted by PRQ — a Swedish web-hosting firm run by Pirate Bay co-founders Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Fredrik Neij, and also noted for hosting the Wikileaks whistle-blower website. [Italics are mine–D.E.]Anti-paedophilia activists claim to have made attempts to persuade PRQ to close the man’s website but to no avail. . . .“Police Powerless to Close Paedophile Forums”; The Local [Sweden]; 4/9/2010.13a. Pirate Bay overlaps and is closely associated with a political party–The Pirate Party–that has branches in Sweden, Switzerland and Germany, among other countries. The Swedish Pirate Party is helping sponsor WikiLeaks’ presence in the country, helping to provide them with a former underground nuclear shelter for an operating base.One of the world’s most controversial websites now has one of the world’s coolest datacenters.Andy Greenberg at Forbes has picked up on a Norwegian report that Wikileaks‘ servers are now hosted in Sweden’s Pionen datacentre, housed inside a Cold War-era underground nuclear bunker. 30 metres below Stockholm, it reportedly has a single entrance with half-metre thick metal doors.The move has been initiated by the Swedish Pirate Party, who began looking after Wikileaks’ hosting this month. “We have long admired Wikileaks”, the Pirate Party’s Rick Falkvinge told Norway’s VG, claiming that as his party is hosting Wikileaks, an attack on Wikileaks is also regarded as an attack on a political party. . . .“Wikileaks Now Hosted from an Underground Nuclear Bunker” by Martin Bryant; thenextweb.com; 8/30/2010.13b. After WikiLeaks was the focal point of DOS and hacking attacks in November of 2010, the Swiss Pirate Party undertook to access WikiLeaks’ material.. . . . On Friday, the Pirate Party of Switzerland — part of an international movement fighting for the free sharing of online content — said it owned the “wikileaks.ch” domain name and was happy to support WikiLeaks.“I don’t see an opportunity for a foreign government to reach into Switzerland,” said Leenaars. “This is a very forward-looking move.” . . .““WikiLeaks Diverts Traffic to European Websites amid U.S. Fury” [Reuters]; Vancouver Sun; 12/3/2010.13c. A start-up owned by a co-founder of the Swedish Pirate Bay (a controlling interest in which is owned by Swedish fascist Carl Lundstrom) remains as a conduit for donations for WikiLeaks.While major online financing services such as PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa have shut down their dealings with the embattled WikiLeaks, one microfinancing startup is still hanging on. Flattr, a micropayment startup created by Peter Sunde, co-founder of the infamous BitTorrent sharing site The Pirate Bay, still accepts donations on behalf of the document-leaking non-profit. . . .. . . Sunde has been a public advocate for Assange and WikiLeaks. He has also proposed a peer-to-peer DNS system that would prevent domain name registrations from being revoked, as was done with the WikiLeaks.org domain. . . .“WikiLeaks Still Funded by Pirate Bay Founder’s Startup” by Kenneth Musante; Web Newser; 12/9/2010.13d. Following a number of organizations’ refusal to continue accepting money for WikiLeaks, members of Anonymous,allied with Pirate Bay/Pirate Party, launched “Operation Payback,” attacking numerous websites.
Julian Assange is a man who has made enemies. The editor-in-chief and creator of WikiLeaks is fighting battles on all fronts: legally, financially, personally and professionally, and even now sits in a jail cell in England following his arrest earlier today, after Sweden issued an arrest warrant stemming from four charges of sexual offences, including one of rape. But Assange is not without his allies, either. One of the more potentially powerful groups to throw in its support is the website 4chan, and its some of its members that are collectively known as Anonymous. The group that is either famous or infamous depending on your point of view, have begun a new campaign to support WikiLeaks and its creator that they are calling “Operation Avenge Assange”.The hacker friendly website 4chan has begun to organize its members, known collectively as Anonymous, in an effort to prevent “the oppressive future which looms ahead.” The “Operation Avenge Assange” will consist of a series of Internet attacks that have begun with PayPal.Operation Avenge Assange is a systematic attack that will target groups that Anonymous has deemed to have essentially treated Assange unfairly. The first target on the list is PayPal, which reports that cyber attacks have already begun. . . .“4chan-based Group ‘Anonymous’ Targets PayPal to Support WikiLeaks” by Ryan Fleming; Digital Trends; 12/7/2010.14. Whether coincidence or not, the German Pirate Party’s lone member of parliament resigned following charges that he possessed child pornography!Former parliamentarian Jörg Tauss, the most prominent member of the German Pirate Party, has resigned from the party following his conviction for possessing child pornography last week.Two days after the Karlsruhe district court handed the 56-year-old a 15-month suspended sentence, Tauss said on Sunday that he would leave the party to avoid damaging its reputation, saying his presence would be “counterproductive.”“We must be able to discuss our issues at our information stands and should not allow ourselves to be crippled by the ‘Tauss debate.’ For this reason I declare my exit from the party,” the politician said Sunday on his blog, insisting he would still support the party. . . .“Tauss Leaves Pirate Party after Child Pornography Conviction”; The Local [Germany]; 5/31/2010.15. Although WikiLeaks has garnered publicity for its ostensible antiwar leaks, “progressives” have quickly forgotten that the group leaked the documents which proved to be the foundation of an attempt to discredit the notion of global warming.. . . Though Assange’s most recent, well-known projects have had an antiwar bent – the recent Afghan war leaks, the infamous “collateral murder” video of a US helicopter crew gunning down a group that included two Reuters journalists in Iraq – his site does not appear to have an obvious ideology beyond exposing secrets.In other projects, Assange published a trove of text messages sent in the US on September 11, 2001, and e-mails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, which led many to believe that scientists were suppressing anti-global warming research and results. . . .“Julian Assange: the Hacker Who Created WikiLeaks“by Scott Bland; Christian Science Monitor; 7/26/2010.16. Recently deceased, Nobel-Prize winning climatologist Professor Stephen Schneider of Stanford University was receiving death threats from Neo-Nazis. These are the same kind of elements that were threatening the life of the late Stieg Larsson before he, too, died of an apparent heart attack.Administering drugs which can produce a fatal heart attack is a capability possessed by most modern intelligence services. The Swedish neo-Nazi milieu maintains close connections with the Swedish intelligence service.Were both men murdered? Might some of the Nazi/intelligence/industrialist links have manifested themselves in both instances?Stephen H. Schneider, a Stanford University biologist on the vanguard of climate-change research for four decades, who argued eloquently on human culpability in global warming and willingly threw himself into the political fray to explain and defend the scientific evidence, has died. He was 65. . . .Schneider had a heart attack Monday while flying to London from a science meeting in Stockholm, according to Stanford spokesman Dan Stober. [Italics are mine–D.E.] . . .. . . . Santer and Schneider were among the scientists who served on the international panel that shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former Vice President Al Gore, who in a statement Monday called Schneider a “prolific researcher and author … and a wonderful communicator” whose contributions to the advancement of climate science will be “sorely missed.” . . .. . . He [Schneider] said he had received hundreds of abusive e-mails from critics, particularly since the Copenhagen climate change summit in December. A few weeks ago he told the London Guardian newspaper that his name was among those of several climatologists that appeared earlier this year on a death list on a neo-Nazi website [Italics are mine–D.E.]. . .
“Stephen H. Schneider Dies at 65; Stanford Expert on Climate Change” by Elaine Woo; Los Angeles Times; 7/20/2010.

17. WikiLeaks’ has been collecting money through a subsidiary of Investcorp, controlled by the Gulf elite, including elements tied to the Saudi elite, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.The whistleblowing group WikiLeaks claims that it has had its funding blocked and that it is the victim of financial warfare by the US government.Moneybookers, a British-registered internet payment company that collects WikiLeaks donations, emailed the organisation to say it had closed down its account because it had been put on an official US watchlist and on an Australian government blacklist. . . .. . . . Moneybookers, which is registered in the UK but controlled by the Bahrain-based group Investcorp, would not make anyone available to explain the decision. Its public relations firm, 77PR, said: “We have never had any request, inquiry or correspondence from any authority regarding this former customer.” Asked how this could be reconciled with the references in the correspondence to a blacklist, it said: “We stick with our original statement.” . . .“WikiLeaks Says Funding Has Been Blocked after Government Blacklisting” by David Leigh and Rob Evans;guardian.co.uk; 10/14/2010.18. Investcorp features participation by numerous Gulf luminaries, including Abdullah Taha Bakhsh and Khalid bin Mahfouz. The entire milieu is inextricably linked with the BCCI. (Baksh was involved with Harken Energy, George W. Bush’s failed energy companies.)Investcorp isn’t your everyday investment company. It merely works with the very rich, preferably from the middle-east. In 2005 its portfolio is valued at 8.6 billion dollars.If we would be really accurate we would call Investcorp a leveraged buy-out company. It’s WALLSTREET all over. Investcorp holds different funds to which you — not you, but they, the very rich — can subscribe. Investcorp then puts the companies it acquires into these funds and immediately has its money back (with a profit for the real shareholders of Investcorp).According to Time Magazine, Investcorp is known to have worked the books in the ninetees, making a losing company look like a profitmaker.Nemir Kirdar is president and CEO. Forbes puts him at number 206 on the Rich List. His excellency Abdul-Rahman Al-Ateequ, ex-minister of oil and finance of Kuwait, advisor to the emir of Bahrain and the first ambassador of Kuwait to the U.S.A. has been Chairman since the start of the investment company. Vice-president is, Ahmed Ali Kanoo, who manages about 1.5 billion dollars of the family fortune. Among the shareholders we find Sheik Ahmed Zki Yamani, ex minister of oil of Saudi-Arabia and seven members of the House of Saud.Also present in this group is Abdullah Taha Bakhsh, connected to different bank frauds. Until September 11th 2001 he was representative of the Saudi Bin Laden group in the U.S. According to the prospectus of Investcorp from 1992 the Minister of Finance of Bahrain is indirectly one of the major shareholders through a shell-company.This is where it gets really interesting. Abdullah Taha Bakshs, Abdul Rahman Al-Ateeqi were both important shareholders in the Bank of Credit and Commerce International. The BCCI went down in a sea of scandals in the early 90’s. 23 billion dollars disappeared in the hole in 73 countries and still is missing. The American Justice Department calls BCCI a criminal organization under cover of a bank.The C.I.A. slushed funds through BCCI to the Mujahedin. This went quite easy because Osama Bin Laden had a few accounts at the BCCI. Illegal finance for arms deals with Iraq and Iran were being done at BCCI. Money laundering for the Escobar and Meddelin-cartel all went through BCCI. When the curtain fell 1 billion dollars worth of loans was booked to a random collection of Kuwaiti from the yellow pages.Khalid binMafhouz holds the number 2 slot at Investcorp with 25% of the shares. He currently is number 210 on the Times rich List. He was member of the board of BCCI and made a deal with the U.S. Justice Department. He paid 225 million dollars for claims, 37 million dollars in lieu of fines and 253 million dollars for claims.In 2003 it transpired that the Bank of England never stopped the British seat of BCCI though it knew the bank laundered money from drugs trade.Former president Manuel Noriega, former President Ferdinand Marcos, and Saddam Hussein were among the clientele. From complaints in South-Korea it is clear that about 120 members of staff from 33 embassies had put money at the BCCI.Khalid bin Mafhouz, explains he has financially backed the Mujahedin in Afghanistan. But then, so did the U.S. It may be useful to remind the reader that Osama Binladen was one of the leaders of the Mujahedin. Bakr Mohammed bin Laden, Osama’s brother, has a seat on the executive board. . . .“Investigating Investcorp”; kycbs.net; 9/2/2005.

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