Photo of Suspect in Hamas Engineer Killing Blamed on Israel Released by Malaysian Police

This image released by Royal Malaysia Police shows a suspect in the killing of a Hamas engineer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 25, 2018./AP

Photo of Suspect in Hamas Engineer Killing Blamed on Israel Released by Malaysian Police

Fadi al-Batsh’s body will be returned to Gaza through Saudi Arabia and Egypt after his funeral Wednesday


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The two men suspected of gunning down Hamas engineer Fadi al-Batsh in Kuala Lumpur were still in the country, Malaysian police said on Wednesday, as they released a fresh image of one of the men. Hamas has accused Israel of the assassination.

Two men on a high-powered motorcycle fired at least 14 shots at Batsh, an engineering lecturer, outside his apartment building on Saturday, killing him on the spot.

A Kawasaki motorcycle was found abandoned near a lake about nine minutes from the scene, from which police were able to trace a photo of one of the suspects, Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun told reporters.

The suspects were believed to have entered Malaysia sometime in late January, but it was not known what nationalities they were or where they had traveled from, said Mohamad Fuzi.

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Hamas Blames Israel for Hit on Palestinian Engineer

“We believe the suspects are still in the country,” he said.

>> From Malaysia to Tunisia: Troubles in Gaza Are Pushing Hamas to Overseas Operations >>

“We have yet to identify them, but we suspect that they used fake identification either when entering the country or when they were here.”

‘Tall with a strong build, likely born in Middle East’: Malaysia releases sketches of suspects in Hamas hit Malaysian police

Authorities had originally released computer-generated photographs of the suspects, who witnesses described as well-built and light-skinned, possibly Middle Eastern or European.

A new photo of one of the suspects shows a light-skinned man with dark, wavy hair and a prominent goatee.

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said on Saturday the suspects were believed to be Europeans with links to a foreign intelligence agency.

Hamas have accused Israel’s Mossad spy agency of assassinating Batsh, who they say was a member of their group.

Speaking on Israeli radio on Sunday, Defense Ministry Avigdor Lieberman said of the allegations: “We heard about this on the news. There’s a tradition at this point among terrorist organizations of blaming Israel for every settling of accounts.”

Mohamad Fuzi said the killing appeared “very professionally done”, but declined to comment on reports it was a Mossad operation or that it was carried out by trained assassins.

Batsh was a lecturer at Universiti Kuala Lumpur, specializing in power engineering, according to the university. His funeral is currently taking place Wednesday in Selayang, on the outskirt of Kuala Lumpur.

Batsh’s body will be returned to Gaza via Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Cairo, Egypt on Wednesday evening, after a funeral ceremony in Kuala Lumpur, Palestine’s ambassador to Malaysia Anwar Al Agha told Reuters.

Mossad has been accused of several high-profile killings involving Palestinians around the world, although Israel has consistently denied the accusations.

Everyone’s Talking About Russia’s S-300. Why Now, and Why Should Israel Be Worried?

The S-300 air defense missile system is show-cased during a military parade in Tehran, Iran, April 18, 2018ATTA KENARE/AFP

Analysis Everyone’s Talking About Russia’s S-300. Why Now, and Why Should Israel Be Worried?

The air defense system will not be a game changer for the Israeli air force, but what it says about Putin favoring Tehran over Jerusalem is of greater concern

Anshel Pfeffer

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Russia’s S-300 advanced air defense system has become almost a byword over the last decade for a strategic advantage, sought by Iran and Syria, to counter Israel’s dominance in the air.

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For years, Israel lobbied the Kremlin not to supply the system to them. And indeed, despite paying for it in 2007, Iran only received its first S-300 batteries in 2016.

S-300 Air Defense System infographic Haaretz

Now, according to reports in the Russian media, the Kremlin is planning to give Syria its own S-300 batteries as well, prompting Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to threaten in an interview on Tuesday: “One thing should be clear – If someone fires on our planes, we will destroy them.”

Lieberman’s message was clear: the Israel Air Force can’t allow itself to lose its freedom to operate in Syrian airspace, even at the price of a diplomatic crisis with Russia.

The IAF’s ability to continue operating over Syria is at the heart of the latest round of hostilities between Israel and Iran. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is determined to build permanent bases in Syria – as promised to them by the Assad regime in return for supporting the Syrian president through the last seven years of civil war. But the building cannot go ahead as long as Israel is determined to bomb any such bases.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal last week, the April 9 attack on the T4 air base being used by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Syria was carried out by Israel to destroy a Tor air defense system flown in from Tehran. But Russian-supplied batteries would have a different status.

The advanced versions of the S-300 are capable of tracking dozens of airborne targets simultaneously, at hundreds of kilometers. Almaz-Antey, the Russian state-owned manufacturer, claims it can also shoot down cruise and ballistic missiles.

The current air defense systems operated by Syria’s military are of an earlier Soviet generation, and an S-300 would allow it to track IAF aircraft taking off from their bases within Israel.

An S-300 would not mean Israel would lose its strategic advantage. According to foreign reports, the IAF has already closely studied the system’s capabilities and flown “against” it in joint exercises with countries that have bought the system from Russia.

An array of electronic warfare systems have been developed to evade it, and the IAF’s first squadron of F-35I stealth fighters has already been declared operational. The Russian contingent in Syria already operates the S-300 as well as its more advanced version, the S-400.

>> From Syria to Iran to Putin, how Macron succeeds in ‘playing’ Trump >>

Transferring an S-300 battery to Syrian control would not necessarily make a major change to the tactical environment in which the IAF already operates. But it would be a powerful strategic statement.

Russia has studiously kept out of the Israel-Iran confrontation in Syria until now. While it has partnered with Iran in keeping Bashar Assad in power, under President Vladimir Putin it is also closely coordinated with Israel.

The Russian balancing act in Syria has meant on the one hand not reining in Iran when it has tried to build a more permanent presence, including on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights; and on the other, not hampering the airstrikes on Hezbollah and Iranian targets that have been ascribed to Israel in the foreign media.

That balancing act is getting more difficult to maintain as hostilities between Israel and Iran become more overt. Supplying S-300s to the Assad regime would be a sign that Putin is getting off the fence and favoring his allies from Tehran over Jerusalem. That in itself would be much more worrying than any new system in the regime’s hands.

Neo-Nazis Burn Swastika After White Supremacist Rally in Georgia

Members of the National Socialist Movement hold a swastika burning after a rally in Draketown, Georgia, on April 21, 2018.SPENCER PLATT/AFP

Neo-Nazis Burn Swastika After White Supremacist Rally in Georgia

The rally, organized by the white supremacist National Socialist Movement, was made up of roughly two-dozen people with at least 100 people standing in opposition



Neo-Nazis held a swastika burning following a white supremacist rally in the small southern city of Newnan, Georgia on Saturday, Time magazine reported. The white nationalist rally was picked up by several American media outlets over the weekend.

Every state legislator as well as numerous county and city officials in Coweta County condemned the rally before it took place, reported Time.

According to the magazine, photographer Spencer Platt, who captured the event for Getty Images, captured an image which displays dozens of people giving the Nazi salute while they surround a burning swastika.

Members of the National Socialist Movement hold a swastika burning after a rally in Draketown, Georgia on April 21, 2018. SPENCER PLATT/AFP

The demonstration in Newnan was organized by the white supremacist National Socialist Movement. After the protest, the white supremacist group moved and reconvened to burn swastikas in Draketown, Georgia, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) away, Platt said.

At least 100 people stood in opposition to the rally, with a heavy police presence made up of roughly 700 law enforcement officers, according to the Time report. Members of Antifa, an anti-fascist movement, held signs such as “Love thy neighbor” and “Take your HATE elsewhere.”

Members of the National Socialist Movement hold a swastika burning after a rally in Draketown, Georgia on April 21, 2018. SPENCER PLATT/AFP

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The New York Post reported that about 10 counter-protesters were arrested. Local authorities attested the reason to the counter-protesters refusing to remove their masks, a law which was initially instated to stop the face coverings worn by the Ku Klux Klan.

A row of officers wore riot gear and formed a human shield to prevent groups from clashing, as reported by USA Today.

Members of the National Socialist Movement hold a swastika burning after a rally in Draketown, Georgia on April 21, 2018. SPENCER PLATT/AFP

The Newnan rally appeared to be the largest face-off between neo-Nazis and anti-fascist protestors since the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August, wrote The New York Times, referring to the deadly rally in which one woman died after a car ran through a crowd of counter-protesters.

Advanced Israeli Weapons Sold to Azerbaijan Exposed in Army-produced Pop Music Video

A still from the video shows a launch of the IAI Harop loitering munition system, an anti-radiation drone that is fired from a 12-missile launcher, usually carried on a truck.Azerbaijan State border service video

WATCH Advanced Israeli Weapons Sold to Azerbaijan Exposed in Army-produced Pop Music Video

An anti-radiation suicide drone and the Typhoon weapon system make a cameo in the video; both Israeli Aerospace Industries and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems decline to comment

Yaniv Kubovich

11:15 5 comments

A music video celebrating Azerbaijan’s border guards and showcasing the Azeri army’s military capabilities has revealed that advanced weapons systems made by the Israeli defense industry are being used by the Azeri army.

The video, which clocks in at 4 minutes and 15 seconds, shows local singer Narmin Karimbayova exalting the Azerbaijan State Border Service in song, accompanied by footage of all the military systems the Azeri military has to offer. It also shows two additional advanced weapons systems manufactured in Israel by Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.



An error occurred.

Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.

Azerbaijan State border service

At 1:55 the video shows a launch of the IAI Harop loitering munition system. The Harop is an anti-radiation drone that can autonomously zero in on radio emissions. It can be operated from land or sea and rather than carrying a separate warhead, the drone itself is the main munition – also known as a suicide drone. The Harop is fired from a 12-missile launcher, usually carried on a truck, and has a relatively high flying time of 6 hours.

The drone is equipped with a day and night sensor, allowing forces to seek and detect targets across a wide terrain. It allows operators to set the attack time and make high precision hits on both stationary and moving targets. With a wing span of three meters and weighing 135 kilograms, the Harop is capable of carrying warheads of up to 15 kilograms and allows attacks from different angles, with the operator having control of the system right up to the point of impact. Operators can halt the assault if necessary and even recall the missile without triggering it. The Harop can also crash into the designated target with optimal precision.

A still from the music video shows the Typhoon weapon system firing Spike missiles from an Azeri navy ship. Azerbaijan State border service video

In April 2016, the Washington Post reported that footage filmed in the Armenian separatist enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, where battles erupted between Armenian and Azeri soldiers, shows what appears to be an Israeli suicide drone hovering in the sky. This seems to be one of the first times the Azeri army used a deadly aircraft and based on the footage, it looks like the Harop drone. Responding to the incident to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, the Armenian defense ministry spokesperson said the footage shows the drone attempted to hit a bus full of “Armenian volunteers” and killed seven of them.

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The Armenian government subsequently issued a harsh condemnation of Israeli arms being supplied to the Azeri army.

In response to the Azeri army video, IAI stated it does not “discuss its deals or clients.” Rafael also holds to this principle and does not officially comment on arms deals made with different countries.

At 3:18 in the video, the Typhoon weapon system is seen firing Spike missiles from an Azeri navy ship. The system, called Typhoon MLS-NLOS, was developed at Rafael and is carried on a warship. It allows for full control of the launched missiles, up to the point of impact; the missile can be diverted from its course in case the operator aborts the mission. The system is based on Spike missiles, electro-optical missiles that have been used by Israeli Defense Forces since the 1980s, although upgraded version were made over the years.

In recent years, many cargo planes have flown the Azerbaijan-Israel route on a regular basis. Silk Way Airlines cargo planes land in Ben-Gurion International Airport three times a week. According to international flight tracking websites, over the past two years, six planes belonging to the Azeri defense ministry landed in an Israeli military base in southern Israel and took off several hours later after loading or unloading cargo.

Azerbaijan and Israel have had a solid relationship for over 20 years. Azerbaijan’s geographic location along the southern border of Iran also plays a critical role in this relationship. Two-thirds of the oil entering Israel comes from Azerbaijan, with President Ilham Aliyev’s approval. Media outlets have addressed the security cooperation between the two countries in the past. It was reported that Israel sells Azerbaijan radar systems and drones, and according to foreign media reports, Israel collects intelligence on Iran from Azeri territory.

In 2016, Azerbaijan said it purchased nearly $5 billion worth of defense equipment from Israel. Aliyev said at the time that defense industry cooperation between the countries had lasted for several years and was flourishing. “The biggest part of these [defense equipment purchasing] contracts has already been executed and still we continue to work on that,” said Aliyev, continuing, “And we are very satisfied with the level of this cooperation.”

Batman A Bolshevik PsyOps?

Russia’s military intelligence agency has a Batman symbol


May 02, 2014 · 12:45 PM UTC

By Sarah Dougherty


Credit: Wikipedia Commons / Minikino-Ostrava

Are Russian special forces soldiers operating in eastern Ukraine? The Ukrainian government says yes and it’s offered some photos as proof.

One photo, purportedly taken during Russia’s 2008 invasion of Georgia, shows a bearded soldier wearing Russian military insignia.

The same man was sighted in Slovyansk and Kramatorsk just a few weeks ago, according to Kyiv.



inRead invented by Teads

via Politiken/Facebook

The authenticity of the photos remains in dispute, but we’re actually kind of wondering about that thing on his sleeve. Is that a… Batman logo?

Left: GRU Spetsnaz emblem (Wikimedia Commons). Right: Batman logo (Minikino-Ostrava/Facebook).

Pretty damn close. It’s a bat covering a globe and it’s the symbol of the GRU Spetsnaz, elite units of Russia’s largest military intelligence agency.

While some people have also noticed this resemblance (because it’s hard to ignore A RUSSIAN ORGANIZATION THAT HAS A BATMAN SYMBOL) no one has come up with a solid explanation for why the two designs look so similar.

But here’s what we do know:

1. The bat is a symbol of military reconnaissance.

Bats are awesome. (Halloween Fan Club/Facebook)

It’s a pretty obvious choice, actually. Bats are stealthy, fly at night and use echolocation to navigate and hunt their prey — much like the radar systems used in military applications to detect aircraft, ships and other obstacles. Bats are particularly beloved by nightfighter, patrol and observation squadrons, probably due to that whole “sneaky death from above” thing.

2. Bats began appearing on military insignia in 1917.

So many bats! Top row (L-R): RAF No. 9 Squadron; Belgian Air Component 11 Squadron; US Air Force 44th Fighter Squadron. Bottom row (L-R): US Marine Corps VMFA(AW)-242; Israeli Air Force 119 Squadron; ROC Air Force 34th Squadron. (Wikimedia Commons)

Bats were incorporated into military insignia long before the GRU Spetsnaz, which was formed after World War II. The winged rodents first appeared on a UK Royal Air Force badge in 1917, along with the Latin motto Per Noctem Volamus — “We Fly Through The Night.” Since then, naval and aviation squadrons around the world have embraced the bat as an emblem, including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Belgium, Israel and the former Republics of the Soviet Union, including Belarus and Ukraine.

3. DC Comics launched Batman (and the Batman logo) much later, in 1939.

Left: Detective Comics No. 27. Right: Evolution of the Batman logo. (Detective Comics Store/Facebook)

Batman debuted in Detective Comics No. 27 in May 1939. The first logo was pretty literal and features the superhero with his cape spread out like bat wings. It’s undergone countless revisions over the years, which you can watch in this mesmerizing gif created by Time. While prints of the iconic issue sell for over $1 million, DC Comics is distributing a free, special edition this July — designed by Chip Kidd and written by Brad Meltzer — in honor of Batman’s 75th anniversary.

4. The thing-that-looks-like-a-Batman logo is also on the floor of the Russian military agency’s headquarters.

Hopefully this detailed treatise has answered all of your questions, leaving just this one:

Who would win a fight, Batman or RUSSIAN BATMAN — a.k.a. Batmankoff?

This is Russian anarchist Batman, whose parents were killed by the KGB. He has sworn vengeance on communism and appears in Superman: Red Son. (Batman Friend Zone/Facebook).

We’ll get back to you on that. But both would totally beat Superman. #TEAMBATMAN

Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard Shot In Atlanta Drive-By Attack

By 100.5 staff.

Floyd Mayweather is lucky to be alive after a possible attempt on his life took place in Atlanta this weekend.

TMZ Sports is reporting that the incident happened while the champion boxer was returning to his hotel with his crew early Monday morning.

As he was travelling with a three-car entourage, a fourth vehicle drove up along side Mayweather’s group. According to the police report, this is where things got crazy:

“Another vehicle pulled up beside them at the intersection of Peachtree Road and Highland Drive and fired several times at one of the vehicles. All three vehicles fled and reported being followed for a distance.”

Although the boxer is fine, one of his bodyguards ended up taking a bullet to the leg. He received treatment for his injury and is reportedly in stable condition.

Celebrities: Teen Plotting Justin Bieber Terror Attack Gets Prison Sentence

Currently, police do not have a suspect in custody and they are also not sure if Mayweather was the target. However, they do not believe this was a random shooting as the attacker was clearly targeting the victim’s car.

We wish the best to Floyd Mayweather and his bodyguard.

Head here to learn more. Also, let us know in the comments what you think about this.

David Copperfield Forced to Reveal His Famous ‘Lucky 13’ Vanishing Act In Court, and Unlucky 9/11

David Copperfield Forced to Reveal His Famous ‘Lucky 13’ Vanishing Act In Court, and Unlucky 9/11

April 21, 2018 Rollie Quaid 0 Comments Edit

David Copperfield’s “Lucky #13” trick has been exposed during trial in a long-running legal battle.

I want to see Copperfield handcuffed in trial, and when the judge asks him to reveal “Lucky #13” a puffy white ball of smoke fills the court room. When the smoke clears, the magician is gone. The magic man’s handcuffs are on the judge, and Copperfield‘s lawyer is now a rabbit.

A good magician never reveals his secrets.

David Copperfield is your average a “Buddy Israel” in Las Vegas, the land of “Smokin’ Aces.”

In 1983 Copperfield amazed the masses by making the 310 foot Statue of Liberty disappear. According to Copperfield the purpose of the trick was remind us all “how precious liberty is and how easily it can be lost. I can show with magic how we take our freedom for granted.”

The magician even promised there were no “camera tricks” involved in the “magic”.

The Statue of Liberty was replaced by 2 blue beams resembling the Twin Towers, and 18 years the later WTC was pulverized during 9/11 by Mossad operatives.

Was Copperfield foreshadowing the events of 911? Perphaps he was laying out the Magick groundwork laid by the Kabbalah for 3,000 lives to be sacrificed in 9/11 to the “God of Blood and Sacrifice” Jehovah, as preamble to clearing out the Muslim world to make way for “Greater Israel.”

The video of David Copperfield in the video above was altered but there really was two beams that were on ground where the Statue of Liberty was supposed to be swaying back-and-forth. In the ABC picture of the Statue of liberty trick there were solid blue columns. There is some truth in that parody video. Here is the actual “Statue of Liberty” trick.

“Lucky #13” the Trick (you don’t have to watch this.)

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Hananya Naftali Gloated On Syria Border Day After April 13th Friday Attack

Hananya Naftali Gloated On Syrian Border a Day After April 13th Attack

April 20, 2018 Rollie Quaid 0 Comments Edit

Hananya Naftali wanted to play the ‘stop and listen’ game on the Israeli/Syrian border. He is implying that Israelis have their shit together because it’s peaceful and quiet on Naftali’s side, while in Syria it’s as chaotic as the “Road Warrior” film. Truth be told, Israel manufactured the Arab spring and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is a Mossad agent that received credit for the uprising in Syria. Keep in mind who the real instigator is when watching this video .

Hananya Naftali is a former IDF soldier and part of an Israeli propaganda program on the internet called Hasbara (meaning explanation). His audience target seems to be Jew-Wish simpletons waiting for the Messiah come from the clouds. To his audience of YouTube subscribers he is a modern John the Baptist washing the Masses to prep them to be beasts of burden for the Jews when the Messiah comes.

I featured one of his videos in yesterday’s article.

Happy 70th Birthday Israel! (Gag)

Israel is a welfare state and can’t legally call themselves a country, much less an independent country. Maybe saying happy birthday Israel is for legal reasons.

Renegade Tribune



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Hananya Naftali took time out of his busy schedule of bragging about controlling the Western world’s grid through Technion and other technology innovation in Israel to stand on the Syrian/ Israeli border the day after Syria was hit by US, France, and the UK to boast about how quiet and peaceful it is on the his side of the fence.

Though he didn’t expressly talk about the Friday 13th attack, he talked about the awesome ability of his nation’s military (IDF) in an Israeli attack on Syria the week before.

He used the stale argument of “Israel having every right to defend themselves” with American supplied F 16s. If they were not getting the 2nd largest F-16 fleet from American tax dollars, Israelis would be using slingshots to fight Iran.

He brought up the February attack when the Iranian drone was shot down by an Israeli in February, which is one of PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s excuses to preemptively strike Iran. Israelis, alongside western media, accuses Iran of funding Syria’s President Assad to “stage” allegedly nerve gas attacks on Syrian civilians. The idea that Iran’s drone mission was to vanquish Israeli homes is as asinine as the nerve agents used on Syrians by Assad.

Bibi Holds An Iranian Drone Fuselage And Looks Like A Clown Again

Bibi is acting as if the Israeli security apparatus wouldn’t function with out him. He didn’t reach into the sky with his bare hands and grab the Iranian Drone from the heavens.

Renegade Tribune



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Naftali actually promotes the idea that people of the Middle East are not suffering from the consequences of ZOG acting like a bull in a China shop by knocking over each countries like ‘made in China’ vases, causing humanitarian crises all over the Muslim world, but are suffering because of their oppressive “Regimes”. As if regime changes are causing Jeffersonian democracies sprouting up throughout the Arabian desert.

Every time he mentions Arabs/Persians, it’s like clockwork for him to show an image of men wearing ski masks, a green karate headband and holding a AK-47 (which Palestinians probably got from zio-deep state actors like Rabbi Boteach’s AEY in the 2000s, Purple Shovel or Henri Thomet network). If I used a picture of the “happy merchant” every time I talked about Jews, Hananya would have a conniption.

I have yet to see one video where he makes an attempt to humanize Arabs/Persians; they’re all empty vessels that are hell-bent on one goal destruction of God’s innocent little lambs.

Hananya has access to the Israeli Government, as he has personally interviewed the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu on his YouTube channel and he is promoting Israeli state sanctioned propaganda.

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Happy 70th Birthday Israel! (Gag)

Happy 70th Birthday Israel! (Gag)

April 19, 2018 Rollie Quaid 0 Comments Edit

This is my 70th article for the Tribune, it was unintentional that this article is about the 70th Birthday of Israel.

Yesterday and today is Yom Ha’atzmaut or Israeli Independence Day. I don’t know what the Israelis think they are Independent from; they stole land from Palestinians who were kind enough to allow the jews to settle there during British occupation.

Israel is a welfare state and can’t legally call themselves a country, much less an independent country. Maybe saying happy birthday Israel is for legal reasons. I mean, goddamn, Israel is 70 years old now, so it is time they get a job and pay their own way. Why can’t they make a viable country for themselves without getting billions in foreign aid from the United States taxpayers, and G-d knows where else.

Furthermore, Israel has no natural resources to offer the world, but are on a Jehovah ordained mission to own every blade of grass, every drop of water and even to have a monopoly over the air we all breathe.

By the way, the NWO gang gave Israel an early gift on April the 13th.

Israel is working  feverishly to topple another nation, and Westerners will pick up the slack by allowing the refugees of Syria with chips on their shoulders into our nations, to undermine our ethnic White majority nations. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

I don’t recognize the state of Israel so I’m not bringing a gift, unless PM Benjamin Netanyahu wants a recipe book on how to make Pruno (Toilet Wine) before he goes to prison for his four scandals. I’ll bend my principles for that.

Just Arrest Bibi Already, G-ddammit!

Through the lens of the mass media the story has been a waste of time and energy to follow. Was it designed and carefully crafted this way?

Renegade Tribune



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Hananya Naftali wishes Israel happy 70th birthday along with all his self-hating goyim sycophants that are Jew-Wish.

This guy gives me the Hebrew-jeebies

By the way, April the 20th is Adolf Hitler’s 129 Birthday. Wish someone Heil 420.

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Russian Ambassador Says ‘Chemical Attacks’ at Douma Were Staged by the UK-Funded White Helmets

Russian Ambassador Says ‘Chemical Attacks’ at Douma Were Staged by the UK-Funded White Helmets

April 17, 2018 Rollie Quaid 0 Comments

VOX reported on April 16, 2018:

The United States, along with Britain and France, bombed Syria on Friday night. The decision to strike came one week after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used ..( illegibly) ..chemical weapons against civilians outside Damascus, killing at least 42 adults and children. After that attack, President Donald Trump promised to exact a “big price” on the Assad regime.

The Russian Ambassador to London (UK), Alexander Yakovenko, says Syrian ‘chemical attacks’ at Douma were staged by the UK-funded White Helmets.

I take everything with a grain of salt coming out of the mainstream media, including when it is coming from the Kremlin. However, judging by Yakovenko’s sobering demeanor and the distances the grand priests of deception in Western ZOG will go to in order to lie to us, I do believe the claim that Syrian ‘chemical attacks’ at Douma were staged by the UK-funded White Helmets.

“Israel Bombed Syria to Distract the Media From Its Own War Crimes in Gaza” is the real reason for the decision to attack Syria, not “wag the dog” tactics about sexual scandals involving Donald Trump with Stormy Daniels or the Pissgate scandal where Trumped was accused of hiring prostitutes to “perform a Golden Showers urination show” on a bed in the Moscow Ritz Carlton Hotel when Trump was hosting Miss Universe in Russia 2013.

Innocent being people killed in Syria and Palestine with France, UK, and USA tax dollars should be the true scandal.

Israel Bombed Syria to Distract the Media From Its Own War Crimes in Gaza

Prior to the media hype over Syria the past few days, Israel was beginning to make headlines across the world for its criminal activities in Gaza.

Renegade Tribune



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The New Breed Of Anti-Semitism on Display at the Anne Frank House

The New Breed Of Anti-Semitism on Display at the Anne Frank House

April 16, 2018 Rollie Quaid 1 Comment

Barry Vingerling, a 25 year old orthodox Jewish man employed at the Anne Frank House, was banned from wearing his skullcap at work. On his first day of work at the museum in Amsterdam, the Jewish management told him to take off his ‘yarmulke’.

Daily Mail reported Apr 13, 2018:

•Barry Vingerling..must wear his skullcap or yarmulke as an Orthodox Jew

•On first day of work at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam he was told he couldn’t

•Museum said it might ‘might endanger the neutrality’ of the foundation

•He had to apply for formal permission from higher-ups to wear it at work

•In the meantime he could only wear a baseball cap with Anne Frank House logo

The purpose of this article is painfully transparent:

Oh, no.. Anti-semitism in Europe has reached a point of that Jews are being persecuted by Jewish management at Anne Frank House!

This most be the new breed of antisemitism.

“I work in the house of Anne Frank, who had to hide because of her identity. In that same house I should have to hide my own identity?” Said Vingerling (the new Anne Frank.)

Anne Frank House managing director Garance Reus-Deelder responded, “The Anne Frank Foundation is an independent organization without religious ties. Those are directed at combating anti-Semitism. We did not want that, for example, a yarmulke would influence that message.”

Anne Frank House management is not cracking down on Jewish religious symbols because of Anti-semitism; the museum’s ‘neutrality’ efforts is a carefully crafted deception to benefit the Tribe. “Neutrality” efforts at the Anne Frank House is a ploy for the Jews to be off the radar by blending in with the way the Dutch dress because they want to appear that all of humanity is working for their cause. In actuality the Anne Frank House is being managed by a gaggle of Jews who are using guilt over the Holohoax as psychological warfare to cripple the will of the people to resist the Jew-NWO.

How long until Barry Vingerling discovers the dark truth of “The Diary of Anne Frankenstein”? Watch if you dare.

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WikiLeaks Traitor “The Homeless Hacker” Is Dead

Luis Gael Jimenez reported “Adrian Lamo, the controversial ‘grey hat’ hacker best known for reporting Chelsea Manning to the FBI and hacking into the websites of the New York Times, Yahoo, Microsoft and other companies, was found dead in his Wichita..”

March 16, 2018 authorities in Sedgwick County announced that Adrian Lamo is dead and Sedgwick County has not released a cause of death.

Lamo was dubbed the “homeless hacker” due to his nomadic life; he has never had a physical address and traveled to friends couch to friends couch. It is difficult to verify his death or even confirm the fact that he ever existed.

Wired magazine wrote a story on his struggles with mental illness and his hacker resume back in May 2010 called “Ex-Hacker Adrian Lamo Institutionalized, Diagnosed with Asperger’s.”

Lamo made his mark in the early 2000s with a string of brazen but mostly harmless hacks against large companies, conducted out in the open and with a striking naiveté as to the inevitable consequences for himself. In 2001, when he was 20, Lamo snuck into an unprotected content-management tool at Yahoo’s news site to tinker with a Reuters story, adding a made-up quote by then-Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Lamo’s other targets included WorldCom, Excite@Home and Microsoft; he alerted the press to each intrusion, and sometimes worked with the hacked company to close the security holes he’d exploited. Unemployed at the time, and prone to wander the country by Greyhound, he was given the appellation “the Homeless Hacker” by the media.

His hacking career ended around 2002, after Lamo penetrated the internal network of The New York Times and added himself to the paper’s database of op-ed contributors, putting himself in the virtual company of William F. Buckley Jr. and Jimmy Carter. The Times didn’t think it was funny, and the FBI and federal prosecutors in New York charged Lamo under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

“Adrian Lamo, hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning, and ARC alumnus dies” By Luis Gael Jimenez April 9, 2018:

In May 2010 Chelsea Manning (formerly known as Bradley Manning), a private first class in the United States Army, reached out to Lamo to take credit for a series of leaks of highly classified government material that had been uploaded to the website Wikileaks earlier that year.

The leaked material included the video “Collateral Murder,” which depicted an airstrike on a group of Iraqi civilians. Among the group were two Reuters war correspondents. The attack killed between 12-18 Iraqi men and the reporters. The U.S. government did not take responsibility for the attacks until after the footage was leaked.

During the online conversation Lamo assured Manning that they were speaking in confidence. Lamo would later turn their chat logs into the FBI and the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command. Manning was arrested, and eventually pled guilty to espionage, theft and aiding the enemy — among other charges. President Barack Obama eventually commuted Manning’s sentence and Manning was released from prison on May 17, 2017.

Lamo’s involvement in turning Manning in to the authorities saw him lambasted by hacking communities all over the world. He was seen as a traitor by some, and a patriot by others.

Of course, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange isn’t one to hold grudges with the deceased.

Oh, wait maybe he is..

Assange’s response to Lamo’s death was that he was a “petty conman and betrayer of basic human decency”. Isn’t that the spade calling the kettle black? 

At the bottom of this article  is a video of CBS interviewing Adrian for the first time on 2010; the interview was conducted while Adrian was sitting on a friend’s couch (so no way to prove a location). Adrian could have been in a news studio or  CIA safe house for all we know.

His purpose in the interview was to justify why he betrayed Manning, but to me he sounded like a “Butterfly” in the Monarch Mind Control experiment. If I had the chance to interview this late-couch potato, I’d ask Adrian “have you ever been tortured or force feed LSD?”

Asperger’s my ass!

Bradley Manning compressing 1 million classified documents on a Lady Gaga CD is one of the most asinine stories I’ve heard. It’s amazing how many Americans will take that at face value – this has to be a shock test to see how stupid we are.

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Will Smith Goes on a Date With Sophia The Robot

Will Smith Goes on a Date With Sophia The Robot

Will Smith recently had a date with a very special lady with extra silicon – guess who!

Answer: “Miss I Want To Destroy Humans” Terminator T-X herself.

(I picked a brutha’s YouTube video, in spirit of the article being about Will Smith.)

CNBC literally titled their original video “Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans.” Piers Morgan asked about Sophia’s dating status back in July 2017 on “Good Morning Britain,” another example of sexualizing machines.

Will Smith played Detective Del Spooner in the 2004 film I, Robot. Spooner is a tough maverick cop in Chicago in the year 2035, where robots perform mundane tasks for human consumption. Spooner has a robot-related trauma, which makes him hate the computer creatures.

Fandom about Del Spooner:

Spooner seems to have a violent attitude towards robots and people who place their trust into them. This strong negative attitude he has against robots was caused when he was in a car accident with a little girl, (named Sarah) and the NS-4 that was passing nearby him happened to save him instead of her. The robot calculated that he had a 45% chance of survival while she had 11% chance of surviving. For that, he believes robots don’t feel any kind of emotions..

The film was based on a series of short stories written between 1940 and 1950 by Isaac Asimov. Asimov was a Bolshevik Jew originally from Russia.

Although I feel that the Bible is an out of date, Brazen age, self-serving Jewish book, written for Jews by Jews, I agree with what Asimov pays lip service to when it comes to religion, but it is only rhetoric with him. He is a firm believer that the Jews are the “master race” as written in the Torah. He simply wants to atomize the stupid Goyim; just listen to the full 5 parts in the video below. He suggests in this documentary that parents shouldn’t really raise their children, but allow them to be free individuals without adult supervision.

Mr. Asimov uses the same bait-and-switch psychological tactics in his “Humanist” religious lecture that used in selling to his fiction readers that “Trans-humanism,” is the way to go. Humans and robots can exist together if they join together, is Asimov’ message.

In the I, Robot stories, Asimov created dogmatic laws that seem Jewish in nature for AI programmers to instill into their AI Robots called “Three Laws Of Robotics” or simply known as Asimov’s Laws, which state:

1.) A robot may not allow a human to be harmed, through action or inaction [ Thou Shalt Not Kill ].

2.) A robot must obey orders given by humans, unless doing so would violate the first law [ Give Unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s ].

3.) A robot must protect its own existence, unless doing so would violate the first or second laws [ Your Body Is A Temple ].

Do those laws apply to love between an AI and a human?

It’s obvious that the “Elders of the Tribe” are trying to sexualize robots in order to normalize them and get men more interested in sex with robots than procreating with actual beautiful women.

The subconscious message for the movie-going American populace is Spooner was trigger happy against AI Robots, but now he checked and they’re OK. The AI revolution is going to be just fine, and no use in worrying your pretty little head.

Movies (Terminator & I, Robot) that have the Robot versus Man plot are just a shock tests, to initially to shock the audience and then desensitizing them to the idea of robots taking over the workforce.

What better way to actually merge with machines than actually going inside one? US(S)R, or should I say Hanson Robotics, might create a spouse for you! Will Smith might even help “Hitch” you up with a sexy cyborg. Smith is going to go “Big Willy Style” with sexbots.

Smith being a member of the Church of Scientology provides an extra layer of creepiness.

Sophia add her desire to “destroy all humans” in the discussion and questions Smith’s devotion to the AI agenda.

Cheers with the finest bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild for the NWO.

Hananya Naftali: Hamas Is Threatening To Murder Israelis On Social Media, Israelis Must Use Social Media The Same Way

Hananya Naftali: Hamas Is Threatening To Murder Israelis On Social Media, Israelis Must Use Social Media The Same Way

On March 16, allegedly 2 IDF soldiers died in Israeli settlement called “Mevo Dothan” due to injuries from a Palestinian driver using his personal vehicle as a battering ram, running over the two soldiers.

JTA Reported on March 16, 2018:

Israel Defense Forces has confirmed that the man deliberately drove into the four soldiers, all in their 20s, on Friday afternoon in Mevo Dotan. The driver, 26, has been arrested. The incident comes on a day that Palestinian groups, including Hamas, had designated as a Day of Rage to protest 100 days since President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. A coalition of Palestinian groups called for confrontations with soldiers and settlers after Friday prayers, according to The Times of Israel. Protests of the U.S. recognition have taken place weekly since it was made in December.

In response to the attack, CNN reported that Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman tweeted:

We will seek the death penalty for the terrorist, the destruction of his home, and punishment for anyone else involved.”

This means that not only does the Palestinian driver die, but according to un-democratic Israeli law, based on Jewish religious belief in “collective punishment” straight from the Talmud, the Palestinian driver’s Mom and Dad will get their home bulldozed to make way for a Jewish townhouse. Lieberman continues..

This is terror that is promoted by [President Mahmoud Abbas] and the Palestinian Authority that pays money to the families of terrorists…”

I haven’t seen one ounce of evidence provided by the IDF or Israeli government that the incident was an act of terrorism. What happened on March 16 could have been what we in civilized society call “a car accident.” There is no need to sound the terrorist bell as often as the Israelis. Anyway, anything that happens in the Palestinian homeland against foreign invaders cannot be defined as terrorism anyways.

Regardless of the lack of evidence that the incident was an act of terrorism, Israel has hired YouTuber goons to reinforce the mantra of “die Arab die.”

Hananya is former IDF soldier and part of an Israeli propaganda agenda on the internet called Hasbara (meaning explanation). His audience target seems to be preteens because his message is always that “Israelis are really, really, totally cool and Palestinians just suck.”

Seemingly every time he mentions Palestinians,  it’s like clockwork for him to show an image of men wearing ski masks, a green karate headband and holding a AK-47 (which Palestinians probably got from zio-deep state actors like Rabbi Boteach’s AEY in the 2000s, Purple Shovel or Henri Thomet network). If I used a picture of the “happy merchant” every time I talked about Jews, Hananya would have a conniption.

Hananya has access to the Israeli Government, as he has personally interviewed the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on his YouTube channel.

Hananya is someone, if you weren’t Jew wise, you’d let your sister date. The nice guy appearance is only a facade, though. He’s obsessed with removing Arabs and having Whites doing his dirty work. He’s effectively wanting to ban Arabs from protesting even on the Internet and uses the argument that they are provoking violence, so they shouldn’t be able to use this utility.

When not throwing his Arab neighbors under the bus he’s constantly bragging about controlling the grid through Technion and other technology innovation in Israel. Another thing that strikes a nerve with me about him is that he promotes the idea that Israel is not a pariah, but a force for good and really the only force for good in the world. He also likes to promote the asinine idea that Americans are piggybacking off of the success of Israelis.

Hananya even did a political commentary on YouTube on the JTA story noted above titled “Terror Attack in Samaria, Two Israeli Victims.”  Vehicular manslaughter of Jews is terrorism plain and simple.

Hananya made a clownish cartoon of an Israeli dodging an incoming car that almost clips him at the 1 minute and 4 second mark. Absolutely funny! Of course that cartoon is not the reality of the situation in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Then he goes on to say Hamas and Palestinians in general are using social media to encourage murder and that Israelis need to use social media in the same way so as to “stand up” to Hamas.

Will you stand up against Hamas? Hamas is a small militia, which was actually created by the Mossad, and poses no real threat to global security. Israel is working feverishly to control the “Grid” in order to have the ability to use “Kill Switch” diplomacy worldwide, while Hamas is barely hanging by a thread.

Wizard Julian Assange And The Children Of The Damned

Wizard Julian Assange And The Children Of The Damned

The Fifth Estate is a 2013 movie about Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. Benedict Cumberbatch played the role of Assange. I made some interesting connections with Cumberbatch’s acting career and Assange, who is referred to often in the “hacker” community as “The White Wizard”, but few know Assange was born into a cult that considers itself a part of the Great White Brotherhood, led by Anne Hamilton-Bryne, based in Australia.

Cumberbatch not only played Dr. Strange of the Marvel Universe, but he played several “magiKal” roles including fire breathing Dragon Smaug in the 2013 movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I wonder about Cumberbatch’ psychological state from doing the balancing act of playing Julian Assange while also acting as the Necromancer/Smaug in a film based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s classic book.

Cumberbatch as the Necromancer:

Cumberbatch as Smaug:

In 2014 Cumberbatch played Sauron in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The great eye of Sauron is the all-seeing eye that symbolizes the NWO and echelon surveillance, something that Julian Assange pays lip service to being against. Sauron also gave out Palantir crystal balls, which allowed ultimate surveillance, and a pre-crime company uses the name Palantir.

Cumberbatch playing the Eye of Sauron sends a chill down my spine:

Contrary to popular belief, Julian Assange, the “whistleblower” that is supposedly the greatest threat to the CIA and other “Five Eyes” intelligence services, was actually born into an MK Ultra mind experiment cult. This Cult, known as the “Family” in Australia, is known for kidnapping children and dyeing their hair white as a wizard.

In April 2017, the then head of the CIA Mike Pompeo blasted Wikileaks, calling Julian Assange a “narcissist,” “a fraud – a coward hiding behind a screen,” and a “false wizard.”

In J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings one villian is Saruman, the “White Wizard”, and Gandalf the good Wizard is known as “the Grey” (Gandalf dies and resurrects as the white wizard later in the story).

In terms of hacking, Julian Assange has to fit into the three categories of hackers – white hat, black hat and gray hat.

Chris Hoffman reported on April 20th, 2013:

They’re the “ethical hackers,” experts in compromising computer security systems who use their abilities for good, ethical, and legal purposes rather than bad, unethical, and criminal purposes… Black-hat hackers violate computer security for personal gain… White-hat hackers are the opposite of the black-hat hackers. They’re the “ethical hackers,” experts in compromising computer security systems who use their abilities for good, ethical, and legal purposes rather than bad, unethical, and criminal purposes. A gray-hat hacker falls somewhere between a black hat and a white hat. A gray hat doesn’t work for their own personal gain or to cause carnage, but they may technically commit crimes and do arguably unethical things…

We’ve heard time and time again in the media  that Julian is a “white hat” hacker, fighting for truth and against injustice.

If he was ever truly to go against the Anglo-Zio-establishment, then for Ecuador to harbor him would be an act of war and the military of England would have every right to invade the Ecuadorian embassy with jack-booted goons and drag Julian by his wizard white hair, so MI6  can do a number on him with a blowtorch just like Zed in “Pulp Fiction” and no one would know the name of Julian Paul Assange.

MI6 wouldn’t harm a hair on his white head.. well not when he’s so damn useful, but don’t you dare become a loose end Julian!

If you think Assange became an asset to the deep state in 2006 when WikiLinks was founded, you’d be wrong. The year he became an asset was 1971 on his birthday. Assange is a MK Ultra baby.

Vice tv reported Sep 25 2017:

In 1961, a yoga teacher named Anne Hamilton-Bryne showed up, unannounced, at the home of Dr Raynor Johnson, the Master of Melbourne University’s Queens College. The two had never met before but, over the course of tea, Anne was able to convince Raynor—a distinguished psychologist—that she was a spiritual being who could see into the future.

Over the next three decades, she would convince many others of the same thing, eventually building a religious sect who believed she was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ as a woman. This became a cult known as the Family.

The Gurdian Reported on November 20, 2016:

..speculation emerged that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had grown up in The Family. His hair colour didn’t help nor, possibly, his personality. Assange admitted that a man who was his mother’s boyfriend in the late 1970s had been a member of the cult. The man had been “a sinister presence” who sought to have “a certain psychological power” over his family, Assange said, and they eventually went on the run from him. But he said he never met Hamilton-Byrne or had any direct contact with the group as a whole.

Irish Independent News Reported November 27, 2016:

Anne also hooked up, platonically, with Dr Raynor Johnson, a Leeds-born physicist based in Melbourne University. Remarkably, this man of science seems to have been an even bigger flake than Hamilton-Byrne, and together they founded The Family, basing themselves in a rural area just outside Melbourne.

Dr Raynor Johnson and Anne Hamilton-Bryn bought an entire psychiatric facility. Running a facility this huge without state intervention is a little bit hard to believe; the ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) had to be involved to continue operations even today. Running a private hospital deep into mind control without the help of CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc. is impossible.

At this point, things turned even more bizarre. Anne and her husband Billy Byrne would go on to adopt 28 children. Their hair was bleached blonde and styled the same, making them look like real-life versions of the horror movie Children of the Damned… Home-schooled and brainwashed, they were assured the world as we know it was coming to an end and they would be the master-race rulers of a new one. They were told Anne and Bill were their real parents. The kids were also abused in more horrific ways: physically beaten by Anne herself or a team of “Aunties” (fanatical cult members), psychologically and emotionally tortured, starved of food and any semblance of normality.

When Cumberpatch, the voice of the eye of Sauron, played Julian Assange in film “The Fifth Estate” he mentioned the reason that his hair is white is because of years of abuse as a child, and one wonders if it’s because of habitual taking of LSD, but at the end of the film the audience sees Julian dyeing his hair in the bathroom. Which one is it?

“Julian Assange and The Fifth Estate: Wiki Wacky Who?” By Richard Corliss; Time; 9/08/2013.

Tall, drawling and white-maned (he has dyed his hair ever since being inducted into an Australian cult as a child), Assange radiates a star quality that impresses all spectators, especially himself. . . .

Privacy is dead according to Julian. Despite anything that you been told by the mainstream media about Assange, he is actually pro surveillance. He told Russia Today during a panel dedicated to RT’s 10th anniversary.

Humanity has lost its battle for privacy and must now learn to live in a world where mass surveillance is becoming cheaper for governments to implement.”

Assange told RT that privacy is gone and shouldn’t come back.

The “Anglo American alliance is too powerful” and you need to except the fact that massive surveillance is here. It’s the reality of the situation according to Assange.

We can’t think in terms of privacy and right to privacy.

The only way to keep a secret is to never have one.

He starts out this video saying “one good thing about mass surveillance.”

NY Times said about Assange’s WikiLeaks mission:

..radical transparency continues to bring secretive worlds to light. And the episode reveals some of the weaknesses of WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, like their recklessness with personal data and their use of information to settle scores and drive personal agendas.”

I partially disagree with the statement, as NYT was trying to cover for Hillary Clinton, and Assange doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body, because he is completely in a trance and under the thumb of the deep state. Using private information of private individuals to hurt somebody else is the moral relativity that Julian promotes.

Listen carefully next time you listen to Julian; he doesn’t believe in secrecy even for a private individuals.

Over 28 children were trained to be elite computer hackers. I imagine WikiLeaks HQ being more like Village of the Damned (1995 remake) than anything we are told on We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks.

George Webb Has A Man Crush On Jared Kushner and an X-Rated Love for Israel

George Webb Has A Man Crush On Jared Kushner and an X-Rated Love for Israel

George Webb had been a toss up to me on whether he is manic depressive or schizophrenic. Whatever his neurosis, I thought that he was simply a crazy sweaty guy that lives out of his rusty Protégé and his mental illness ultimately was inconsequential to his research. I was wrong.

Wednesday, Webb released a video that indicated to me that he is mentally unstable to point that he needs a lobotomy, because he supports the gangster state of Israel, which is an untreatable neurosis.

Webb endorsed the idea that Jared Kushner’s only real crime is not corruption (example: Jared was bribed with a $30 million investment from Menora Mivtachim last year), but it’s the fact that Jared is guilty of loving his nation, Israel. Webb promoted the Zionist party line that FBI Director Mueller is mean to poor little Jared while Israel is surrounded by seven hostile nations, and from no fault of their own, these Arabs want to destroy Israel. He still believes that Israel lives under certain attack, so fuck international law, as if Webb is stuck the in 1973 Yom Kippur war. Israel has neutralized the threat of those seven nations; a lot has happen since 1973, Webb. Go outside your rusty Protégé more often!

Jenny, who is George Webb’s handler, instructed him not to make videos about the Kushner crime family. Webb must have really upset Jenny with a YouTube video titled Day 153.10, which Webb promptly took down. Webb in the video divulged the fact that he’s a Zionist, and Jenny doesn’t want to ruin their cover in the native Alt-Right community.

Webb praised Jared Kushner‘s devotion to the Zionist cause, even going so far as saying Jared Kushner does more for Israel than most Jews in New York.

After Webb published this video Wednesday, Jenny must have been angry, as in Nicky Casino angry.

This is how I image Jenny chewed out Webb for the Day 153.10 video.

Get this through your head, you jew motherfucker.” Don’t make videos showcasing your admiration for the Kushner crime family.

When you say the New York Jews are not doing enough, it makes a lot of powerful men angry, and Chabad doesn’t like being angry.

You do it again, Webb, Ill bury you in a snow bank, with Rothschild’s manufactured snow.

George Webb had been questioned about his affiliation with the Mossad in the past as well as his relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. His answer is adorable.

Renegade Editor’s Note: A week before the Dresden bombing anniversary last year, George Webb said that the reason the Allies had to firebomb Dresden is because the Germans were making sausages out of murdered jews. I tried to point this out to a “nationalist” I used to feature here, who was sharing Webb’s work, but he kept sharing it anyway. Start around 2 minutes in for the “meat” of the discussion.

Opening the Doors of Perception: Oliver Stone and Val Kilmer at Laurel Canyon

March 19, 2018March 19, 2018Rollie Quaid 7 Comments

Oliver Stone wrote and directed the 1991 movie The Doors, which starred Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison. Paul Rothchild, who was the producer of the original band’s music, personally selected Kilmer. Stone was familiar with Kilmer from doing theater productions with Sean Penn at 17 at Juilliard. Kilmer, Penn, and Kevin Bacon were in the theater production the “Stab Boys.” [

The Doors was partially filmed at Laurel Canyon. The Canyon was not only a neighborhood where military brats turned into rockstars, but it was a military facility that manufactured culture. It was the cultural nerve center in the 1960s.

ABC7 Reported on September 7, 2011:

Out of the tumultuous 1960s, a new consciousness formed among the youth of the time. Holding fast to the belief that peace and love could change the world, hippies sprouted throughout Laurel Canyon – a woodsy, mountainous area in Los Angeles that connects the San Fernando Valley on one side of the hill, to the Sunset Strip on the other. It was the perfect breeding ground for up-and-coming musicians as it was inexpensive to live there (about $100 would rent you a pretty great house at the top of Kirkwood) and the heart of the music world, the Sunset Strip, was only a thumb ride down the hill.

The Doors film immortalized the lead singer of the group, Jim Morrison, which I always thought was odd. Stone volunteered for service during the Vietnam war, and there were no sunset strips for Stone in the jungles of Nam, while Morrison avoided the military during the war.

Another odd thing about this film is Val Kimmer played a “young, dumb and full of cum” pilot that fires on all cylinders nicknamed the “Iceman” in the 1986 Pentagon DoD propaganda film Top Gun, and now he’s playing a free loving hippy.

In the book National Security Cinema: The Shocking New Evidence of Government Control in Hollywood written on June 27, 2017 by Matthew Alford and Tom Secker. Pg 33..

In 1986, Top Gun was a great success as a Navy promotional film. In its wake, the CIA reconsidered its approach to Hollywood.

Obviously a movie about a flower power hippy would not be a military recruiting advertisement like Top Gun, so the DoD was not involved with The Doors film.

Top Gun reinvigorated the military image as “cool and fun” in the same year Oliver Stone made the film Platoon starring Charlie Sheen, set in the jungles of Vietnam, a place that is too familiar to Stone, who was a Vietnam veteran. Platoon was brutally honest about the war in many ways and was not made as a recruitment advertisement, but instead the goal for Stone seemed to be to make the viewing audience taste the “napalm” from their air conditioned seats.

“National Security Cinema: The Shocking New Evidence of Government Control in Hollywood” published on June 27, 2017 by Matthew Alford and Tom Secker. Pg 162:

Stone’s full gamut of work, we see a quite comprehensive interrogation of US exceptionalism. ..Platoon (1986) extensively depicted the horrific rape of a Vietnamese girl by US forces…

Do you have a war film in mind and want to strike gold ? Nobody is better than Capt. Dale Dye who consulted with Stone for Platoon to instill into the liberal sissy kids of Hollywood that “thousand yard stare” that you could only get from seeing your battle buddies intestines on the jungle floor. Making boys cold blooded killers on the silver screen is a Stone and Dye specialty.

“Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen” were in Hollywood, but Dale said when you’re in the jungles of the Philippines you are “bravo team now.” He told his FX guy to use real explosion so dirt would fly and shrapnel would go everywhere. After the captain scares the shit out of bravo team then it’s time for cameras to start rolling. I love this guy!

Working with Stone is method acting on steroids. “Put those boys in the shit!”

Francis Ford Coppola has been a favorite film director for the DoD, showing the idealism of what the military’s purpose is supposed to be. In 1970 he directed the film Patton. In reality it’s more like Platoon where young boys get scared and start spraying hot lead, killing anything and everything.

Coppola in 1979 founded his own movie studio apart from Hollywood and directed the movie about the horrors of Nam, seven years before Oliver Stone. [

In the jungles of the Philippines while filming “Apocalypse Now”, the cast and crew all took part of the collective insanity stemming from Francis’ mind.

Martin Sheen, father of Charlie Sheen, played Willard and Marlon Brando play Kurtz. [

Francis‘ nephew is Nicolas Cage, which goes to show you the crazy runs in their family. [

Jim Morrison’s band produced the wild-eyed music in the background of the “Apocalypse Now” opening scene.

Rolling Stone wrote

”The End” crawls through Martin Sheen’s war-ravaged brain, Apocalypse Now taps into the late Jim Morrison’s heart of darkness. It brought the posthumous Morrison cult to a whole new level; a couple of years later, Jim appeared on the cover of the Rolling Stone with the best headline ever: “He’s hot, he’s sexy and he’s dead.””

Morrison was the self-destructing Dionysian figure and self-proclaimed “lizard king” that avoided military service because of father Admiral George Stephen Morrison’s military connections. Jim on the surface was a hippy pinko, but covertly Morrison was serving the CIA clandestine services through the MK ultra mind control program and promoting LSD to hippy anti-war protesters to stifle them from protesting against the Vietnam War. LSD makes the user look inward and lose interest anything out of the user’s shell, including social affairs. Thus, the appetite for change is no more and users of LSD become willing slaves, which is the goal of the MK ultra program – unwitting slaves.

The Doors got their name from Aldous Huxley’s 1954 book The Doors Of Perception about Huxley’s use of LSD.

Aldous Huxley’s brother was the first Director of UNESCO and mentor to George Orwell. No one knew how controlled opposition works quite like Orwell. Morrison was an Emmanuel Goldstein for the Vietnam War effort, faux opposition concocted by Big Brother, just as in Orwell’s book 1984.

The MK Ultra kids of Laurel Canyon often used LSD. Laurel Canyon was a military/intelligence complex of the 1960s, and many of the leading figures were children of military personnel and CIA officers. According to David McGowan most of the MK mind control children couldn’t play an instrument so they had to use studio musicians on their albums.

Morrison is a creation of the military industrial complex from birth; Jim Morrison’s father was as deep as an Admiral can get in the NWO and even MK’ed his own son for the cause. Admiral George Stephen Morrison orchestrated the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 that accelerated the Vietnam War.

“Jim Morrison’s dad had a hand in starting the Vietnam War” by Ward Carroll:

..first week of August, 1964, and U.S. warships under the command of U.S. Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison have allegedly come under attack while patrolling Vietnam’s Tonkin Gulf. This event, subsequently dubbed the ‘Tonkin Gulf Incident,’ will result in the immediate passing by the U.S. Congress of the obviously pre-drafted Tonkin Gulf Resolution..”

David McGowan, author of “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream”:

Jim Morrison, who for a time lived in a home on Rothdell Trail, behind the Laurel Canyon Country Store, may or may not have died in Paris on July 3, 1971. The events of that day remain shrouded in mystery and rumor, and the details of the story, such as they are, have changed over the years. What is known is that, on that very same day, Admiral George Stephen Morrison delivered the keynote speech at a decommissioning ceremony for the aircraft carrier USS Bon Homme Richard, from where, seven years earlier, he had helped choreograph the Tonkin Gulf Incident. A few years after Jim’s death, his common-law wife, Pamela Courson, dropped dead as well, officially of a heroin overdose. Like Hendrix, Morrison had been an avid student of the occult, with a particular fondness for the work of Aleister Crowley. According to super-groupie Pamela DesBarres, he had also “read all he could about incest and sadism.” Also like Hendrix, Morrison was just twenty-seven at the time of his (possible) death.”

“Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Jay’s Review” by Jay Dyer

McGowan’s thesis is simple: The 1960s counter-culture movement was not what it appeared to be. In a purple haze of pot smoke, free love, booze and LSD tabs, the fog of the 60s is believed by most baby-boomers to be a genuine (monstrous for faux conservatives) reaction against the system. From student protests to politically active musicians, the anti-war, anti-establishment ethos of the 60s was, so the story goes, a natural, organic reaction to a hawkish, greedy corporate demon, embodied in “the man,” opposed by all those revolutionaries who love freedom, expressing themselves in the “arts.”

McGowan begins his argumentation by pointing to Jim Morrison’s father, Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison, who played a central role in the Gulf of Tonkin’s false flag event. Morrison, curiously, avoided this association, stating his parents were dead, adding fuel to his mythical narrative of having no musical training and supposedly becoming a musical shaman following ghostly encounters and hallucinogenic trips. While some of that may have been the case (such as the trips and witchcraft initiation, for example, as shown in Oliver Stone’s The Doors),

the real story is likely much closer to McGowan’s analysis – Morrison was promoted and made into an icon by the system because of these high level connections. However, being well-connected was not the only explanation – the establishment had a specific motive of derailing any legitimate anti-war activism or artwork, as well as moving the culture into a more degenerate state for social engineering…(The CIA favorite mind control drug in the 1960’s was)..LSD was directly associated with Fort Detrick and biological warfare programs. “Managers” and “agents” like Herb Cohen were not merely industry fat cats, but mobsters (connected to Mickey Cohen..

As mentioned, Paul Rothchild, who produced the Doors’ albums, assisted Oliver Stone in picking the right man for the job. The Rothschilds always had an eye for talent. By Eye, I mean single All-Seeing eye inside of a capstone. Jim Morrison was an agent of the “Illuminati” and in the 1990’s Val carried that torch.

Washington Post: “VAL KILMER, LIGHTING THE FIRE” By Carla Hall reported on March 3, 1991:

..(Kilmer)..speaks respectfully of how Paul Rothchild, who produced the Doors’ albums and worked on the film, gave him one of his two copies — only 50 are extant — of Morrison’s vanity-published book of poetry, “An American Prayer.” ….He learned 50 songs for the film — 15 are actually performed on screen. And there was always the possibility that if Kilmer didn’t sound exactly like Morrison, they would dub in Morrison’s voice. “But as it turned out, everything live in the film is me,” Kilmer says proudly.

“Except for five lines,” Paul Rothchild notes. “One is a scream.” He won’t divulge the others. Stone did intertwine the voices of Morrison and Kilmer, but basically, when you see Kilmer singing in the film, he really is singing. Morrison’s voice is used as background music in other scenes.

Rothchild was Kilmer’s main guide on his journey to the center of Jim Morrison’s mind and music. “I spent hundreds of hours with him interrogating me about what Jim would think in this or that situation,” says Rothchild, who’s listed as music producer on the film and who now runs his own company providing music for films and video. “We might have been out to dinner, for instance, and a waiter would do something and he would say, what would Jim have done there? I kept on filling his cup with anecdotes, stories, tragic moments, humorous moments, how Jim thought, what were my interpretations of Jim’s lyrics. That became more of the focus of the singing character than actually the mechanics of the singing.”

Kilmer was already living in the right environment. Both he and Rothchild have houses not far from Morrison’s onetime home in Laurel Canyon. A dark, steep-sided canyon above West Hollywood, it was once the favored enclave of a funky artistic crowd. Rothchild also took him into the studio and coached him the way he did Morrison. And he rehearsed Kilmer in the quirks of Morrison’s voice. “I would help him in some pronunciations, idiomatic things that Jim would do that made the song sound like Jim. One of the most famous ones is the word ‘fire,’ ” Rothchild says referring, of course, to the Doors’ phenomenally successful “Light My Fire.” “It’s really pronounced ‘fi-yah.’ Jim never said ‘fire.’ ”

Rothchild, a veteran of more than 30 years in the music business, was certainly a close-up witness to Doors history. He produced all of the Doors’ albums except the last one. Kilmer, Rothchild says admiringly, “knows Jim Morrison better than Jim ever knew himself. He’s nailed — to the extent that the Doors themselves had difficulty telling whether it was Val singing or Jim singing. Early on, I’d bring them into a recording studio and I randomly switched Val and Jim and they guessed wrong 80 percent of the time.”

…Rothchild is satisfied with the honesty of the film’s depiction of the declining Morrison who, for example, tempted fate by walking balustrades drunk and stoned. “That was a day in the life! It was not extraordinary,” says Rothchild. In one scene, a drunken Morrison is making a pathetic attempt to record in the studio while his girlfriend performs oral sex on him. “That scene is so accurate,” says Rothchild. “It happened during the second album. And the song was ‘You’re Lost, Little Girl.’ ”
Rothchild says, “I hope it comes through how dangerous it was to be with Jim Morrison — dangerous to be in a car, dangerous to cross a street, dangerous to be in a recording studio, because he could destroy your mind. He pushed buttons on you daily.

If Oliver Stone wanted to make “The Doors”  realistic in same way that he made “Platoon” realistic, with Captain Dale Dye with the loud explosions that were meant to traumatize the actors, it’s not a leap of logic to think Rothschild and Stone took Kilmer to Laurel Canyon to mind-butcher him.

Kilmer is “toys in the attic” crazy; Jim Morrison has nothing on Kilmer. Kilmer’s mental breakdown while making this movie was something that he would never recover from. Jim lives on in Val.

“After filming “The Doors” Val Kilmer underwent therapy just to get out of character” published Oct 7, 2016 by Goran Blazeski

(Kilmer)..took method acting to the extreme while preparing for the role of Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone’s The Doors. Kilmer allegedly spent many hours in the studio listening to Doors songs and learning in depth Morrison’s approach to each song.

Prior to the audition, Val Kilmer spent thousands of dollars to produce his own video, shot in his rented Laurel Canyon home with professional assistance in order to get the role. Oliver Stone wasn’t impressed with the video, but the producer Paul Rothchild found the home video more intriguing and he convinced Oliver Stone that Val was the right person for the role.

Prior to production, Val Kilmer lived just like Jim Morrison for a year, dressing in his clothes and listening to his music. He even copied the way he walked and behaved. The actor also spent hundreds of hours interrogating Paul Rothchild, a producer for the iconic rock band and a consultant on the film. Eventually, he knew more about Jim than anybody in the film crew.

Val Kilmer was getting so obsessed with the role that, by the end of filming, he had everyone on set referring to him as “Jim,” all of the time. When members of The Doors heard Kilmer singing their songs, they could not tell the difference between his voice and Morrison’s.

When he finished filming he had to go to therapy because it was hard for him to get out of the character. That is how far he went just to “get it right.”

On March 24 George Clooney Will be a White Knight in Shining Armor Against the AR-15

On March 24 George Clooney Will be a White Knight in Shining Armor Against the AR-15

In Hollywood, no matter which movie role George Clooney is cast in, he always seems to be the character who has all the right answers. When it comes to “gun control,” Clooney is a sort of real-life Danny Oceans with a whole cast of liberal pussies like Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, who look up to Clooney as an embodiment of the principles of Howard Zinn. Zinn’s aim was to pretend to be interested in social justice concepts, but in reality Zinn was a Judas goat of Bolshevik and his interest was in gun grabbing, white hatred and being worshiped by the stupid Goyim.

George Clooney’s first film as director was Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) about the Father of Reality TV, Chuck Barris, played by Sam Rockwell. Clooney was not only Barris’ case officer in this movie, but was the head of “wet-operations” at the CIA, training Barris to become an assassin and giving him orders to kill political enemies of the CIA.

Chuck Barris, whether he truly was an assassin or not, did fantasize about killing his unarmed contestants while they performed on his Gong Show with an “Assault Rifle” aka “a weapon of war”. The  concept of gonging somebody on Reality TV evolved into Donald Trump’s “you’re fired” slogan on the show The Apprentice.

Here is the historical context of how the idea of gonging somebody came about; it was the sick fantasy of an elite Jew boy.

George Clooney put his homicidal fantasies into making this movie and even told the press that he was channeling the spirit of Barris. Barris believed in dark magic, talking to spirits through the Ouija board, and it is not a leap of logic to believe the Clooney believes in the same thing when he’s talking about channeling Barris’ spirit.

Clooney being an opponent of the Trump administration is a strong indication that we don’t live in a sane world. To reiterate, “The Don” became president using Gong tactics, while Clooney channels spirits using Kabbalah to try to gain the same power from a dead goofball with a Jew-fro (i.e Barris).

Did you notice the Japanese woman’s song in the video above? The reference to the hammer is literally about bludgeoning a group of people in a genocidal fashion.

“If I Had a Hammer” according to Fandom:

If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)” is a song written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays. It was written in 1949 in support of the progressive movement… was first performed publicly by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays on June 3, 1949, at St. Nicholas Arena in New York at a testimonial DINNER for the leaders of the Communist Party of the United States.

..Wikileaks chose the song as its “Wikileaks song”.

Clooney married a Druze (crypto Jew) lawyer named Amal, whopractices law in England where Julian Assange is holed up in Ecuadorian embassy.

According to “..Amal Clooney has represented …WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.”

George Clooney picked a communist anthem, which glorified Bolshevik butchers, for not only WikiLeaks but for your his directorial debut.

My upcoming article will be “Assange The Little Mossad That Chould.” The Clooneys are Assange’s handlers. Clooney is not only a CIA agent in real life, but he actually became a CFR member eight years after directing the biopic film about Chuck Barris.

In the film Ocean’s Eleven (2001), a 1960s ratpack remake, Clooney played Danny Oceans, who was head of this a 11 man crew that robbed 3 casinos without firearms. Of the three casinos that were robbed, two were operated by former chief financier of the Republican Party under Trump, Steve Wynn, and their names are the Bellagio and the Mirage. Terry Benedict of the Ocean’s franchise may have been loosely based on Wynn, who is viewed as a frontman for Adelson, Arum, Murren, and the casino mobster that happens to be VP of AIPAC, Norman Browstein.

James Murren isn’t only the CEO of MGM Grand, but the Mandalay Bay hotel where the Las Vegas Hoax took place. MGM Resorts is a Wizard of Oz / Emerald City MK Ultra themed hotel. What a great place to shoot a film to give you the idea that even criminals don’t need guns; it must’ve made the Casino Magistrates very happy to sell the idea to criminals to do a heist without guns.

Notice two names of Ocean’s crew: Saul and Reuben. Reuben in this film says that he practically invented hotel security when he was inside of a hot tub and had the 10 Commandments on a gold chain – typical Elite Jewish personality archetypes.

There is definitely a connection to the Las Vegas hoax and Parkland hoax in regard to the New World Order agenda to disarm the Goyim. Check out Smoloko about the Las Vegas strip security, as it really ties in the Oceans franchise’s agenda for a need to have more massive surveillance and gun grabbing propaganda.

After the Parkland hoax Clooney has become the center face of gun control alongside a 21 year old crisis actor, David Hogg. Hogg is the next generation to work for CNN. He is the next generation of operation Mockingbird.

Clooney is even funding an anti-gun rally that is scheduled for March 24.

Daily Mail Reported on February 21, 2018 about Clooney:

..  half a million donation to the Florida survivors march, he is viewed as a knight in shining armor.

And it seems George Clooney is getting set to play that role — literally — on screen too.

The actor was seen undergoing a costume fitting in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where he appeared to have tried on several coats of heavy plate armor.

I’m predicting that he’s going to be bold enough or silly enough to actually wear the armor at the rally!

On October 15, 2013 Piers Morgan’s book Shooting Straight: Guns, Gays, God, and George Clooney was published. Five years prior, Piers incorporated the “White Knight” narrative about Clooney; he said in a CBS interview the reason he put George Clooney’s name on his book was that Clooney encompasses what the real star should be – chivalrous, charming and talented.”

Not only did Piers Morgan write a book that’s pro gay, anti-gun, but he included his two favorite people, George Clooney (he put his name on the book) and he talked ad nauseum about Donald Trump.

“Shooting Straight: Guns, Gays, God and George Clooney… review” by Michael Deacon on October 16, 2013:

..Piers is most famous for winning the inaugural series of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice in 2008. At least, I assume that’s what he’s most famous for, because he’s mentioned it three times in the first 150 pages, and again on the dust-jacket.

Now my article about Trump’s hatred of guns starts to make more sense. Trump was actually celebrated in a book written by Piers Morgan where the theme is nobody should own a gun and. Trump is an inspiration for Piers’ life mission to confiscate guns.

In 2013, Piers Morgan interviewed Alex Jones on CNN. Jones has been on Donald Trump‘s payroll since at least 2016. The interview is Jones talking over Piers at a speed of a crystal meth user, and the objective of Jones was to make gun owners look like speed-freaks.

Then after Alex Jones clear stage, Alan Dershowitz comes on and tells Piers Morgan his famous quote – “I don’t want that man to have a gun.”

The next day on Piers’ show Buzz Bissinger stated he’d like to assassinate Alex Jones. Bissinger has a Bolshevik urge to kill whites. The liberal viewing audience was presented the idea by CNN that killing is OK as long as the person annoys you, just like Chuck Barris on the Gong Show thought it was OK to murder those that played folk songs he didn’t like.

Alex Jones is himself a created persona. He read a statement on air just given to him by his lawyers in April, 2017 stating that the Alex Jones you see on TV is not the real Alex Jones, that he is a performance artist. As crazy as it sounds Alex Jones has probably always been working for the gun grab party, in bed with Alan Dershowitz and Piers Morgan.

How about some Rollie trivia?!

Theresa May and the Clooneys are neighbors in England. They’re probably having all sorts of Zionist CFR deep state New World Order globalist fun together.


We should have Clooney as guest on a Wildcard show! He can answer these tough questions.

Trump: I Like China’s ‘Death To Drug Dealers’ Policy

Trump: I Like China’s ‘Death To Drug Dealers’ Policy

POTUS Trump was in Moon Township, PA on Saturday to speak at a campaign rally for Republican House candidate Rick Saccon. During Trump’s speech he advocated for the death penalty for drug dealers.

The GOP president constantly says that “China is laughing at us” and then says that he likes China’s policy for executing drug dealers on site. The irony of Trump’s statement does not cease to amaze me. China is a communist country, and Democrat hacks will use the argument that if Barack Obama, who has been likened to being a communist by the GOP on many occasions, said he liked a Chinese policy, then FOXnews and other conservative outlets would jump on Obama like flies on hot shit.

China only cracks down on opium because they encourage their factory workers to use a drug called Bingu as a supplement to be able to work 20 hour days, six days a week in harsh conditions. Bingu is called crystal meth in the US, and China gets its crystal meth from a satellite state called North Korea, which Trump has threatened with nuclear war on many occasions.

The Times of Israel reported on 25 October, 2016 that “…Trump hosted cocaine-fueled parties with underage girls.” The article stated that “Donald Trump allegedly held cocaine-fueled parties in the 1990s where wealthy old men would hook up with young models, some as young as 15,” who were engaging in these activities “assuming they’d get somewhere.”

Has Trump changed his ways?

The Times reported on March 15, 2018:

President Trump named Larry Kudlow, a conservative TV pundit who was once fired from Wall Street after taking cocaine, as his new chief economic adviser last night.

On Jan 20, 2016, then GOP front-runner Trump said about his “smart” voting base, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” Trump also told the pro-Bible and anti-murder crowd at Sioux Center, that Christianity was under “siege.”

In Atlantic City, NJ and NYC, where Donald Trump is an underworld crime kingpin, he likely could shoot someone in the middle of a crowded street with no punishment.